IG Credits to Crowns limited time offer


Positive : The items in the stall are awesome! I love the ideas behind them and it's going to generate some great revenue for IRE. 

Negative: It cuts off a large portion of the population from the stall that is part of the supposedly world-wide celebration that are a) relatively new to this game b) fisically unable to invest real money in the next week.

I think a lot of people will agree having the 'Stall of Wonders' sell in mayan crowns is disappointing. 
I loved that the games Adryn's festival were only 10g. It meant even those popping out of of the trial could easily wonder over and play them without having to spend an hour hunting/questing to get 1000g to be involved. The Stall of Wonders swung a bit to far away from being inclusive for my personal taste.

Proposed Solution:
For a limited time only, sell bound crowns for bound credits at the stall of wonders (with a maximum number of crowns you can buy like this). I think and hope that those who can't just deal out a wad of cash on their credit cards in the next week time to hunt up money> buy credits of the market > buy crowns with said credits>get involved in this section of the world event.

I think this has been knocked back before but unlike normal Shop of Wonders wares you don't have 5 months to hunt up gold, harass your friends for the one or two crowns they have laying around, spam market looking for crowns. You only have a week, maybe to before these are retired forever.
TL;DR: For the limited time of the fair make the Stall of Wonders sell bound mayan crowns for bound credits. Set a maximum for how many crowns you can buy doing this as to not overly flood the market. Hopefully this will open this section of the world-wide event to more people.


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