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Upon request, here's a pretty comprehensive gold tracker for hunting.

Quite simple, it picks up and splits gold. It has quite a few other features, though, such as:

Only picks up gold when you or party members kill something.
Party members can be added/removed/paused on the fly.
Party members can ask over PT or tells for a gold report.
You can designate an org, and what percent of the gold will go to that org.
You can add/remove gold on the fly, For example, remove gold you picked up that a party member dropped on death,  Or add gold that a party member gave you because they were picking up gold too.
Beautiful output, simple commands.


Install like a normal package.
Go to the script goldtracker in the folder GoldTracker 1.0. Modify the very top local variables to suit.

'me' should be your name.
'commandseparator' should be the ingame command separator if you use one, or the mudlet one (a semicolon by default) if you don't.

The script will automatically use "pack" as your container, but you can set a custom one here.

Prompt function is to accommodate custom prompts. For example, if you use SVO, you could make it read:

local promptfunction = function ()
  svo.showprompt ()
  cecho ("\n")
end -- func


GOLD HELP (in lowercase) will show you the commands and syntax.

Give a shout here if you have any questions!

Current scripts: GoldTracker 1.2, mData 1.1
Latest update: 9/26/2015 better character name handling in GoldTracker, separation of script and settings, addition of gold report and gold distribute aliases.


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