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Just a super quick question, wasn't sure whether to post it in the SVOs thread but since all the stuff that's been happening recently didn't want to distract anyone as this is an old problem I've just never been bothered to fix.

Earlier today Elowin asked about her SVO prompt for sailing and what each thing meant on it, from what she sent me it looks like this:

= S--@h++,H++,CE100%,W<-SE@34kts,C/S->W@0,VI 

I've actually had this prompt probably twice in my whole Achaea Career, keeping in mind I've both beein sailing for a while and had SVO since I started playing pretty much. When I first noticed it I thought great this is cool and had heard from others that they use it and it works fine 'out of the box' but for me after I closed my client that day and went on next it had reset back to what I believe to be the default Achaea prompt:

I've tried a couple of times now to figure out how to use the SVO one and I believe I'm probably missing something really simple... if anyone has any ideas please chime in. I looked over the documentation and all and couldn't find anything myself except using VCONFIG SHIPMODE ON/OFF (tried both on and off as I wasn't entirely sure what the config did)



  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    VCONFIG SHIPMODE should fire itself on automatically when you assume command. However, it doesn't give you a new prompt normally, it just adjusts the svo prompt capturer to not glitch out because of the double prompt.

    try SHIP PROMPT.

    the first @Elowin sent you there looks to be the Cryptic prompt, might be why it's confusing!
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  • Ah that's it, it was the cryptic prompt! No idea why I connected it to SVO it was when Elowin asked about it after she'd got the SVOf system it cemented the idea that it was an SVO prompt!

    Thanks for the help @Tharvis
  • Exactly! After I had it somehow activated those couple times I loved it and preferred it so much more. I'd just grown so used to the normal one that I never sought out help until now. Knew it would be something simple  :3
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