I understand this has probably been discussed, but I can't remember the thread and thought to start a new one - if incorrect please point elsewhere/close this thread.

Recent changes to the mark have made it more competitive for being an assassin/champion. Recently (by recently I mean over a real life month, on the champion side, there have been 0 contracts available that I could take.

All of a sudden 3 contracts appear and I take on based on the description, thinking it seemed the more interesting one. I accepted the contract and spent about a week or more waiting for said person to be online - the contract never ticked from 30 days.

Today I was discharged for not completing enough contracts, even though I had an active contract. Seftin, as most people are aware, has always hopped class and played most houses/factions etc, though throughout it all he has always been a mark or a champion, now he is not due to the "timer" saying he was being lazy, when there were 0 contracts and then when he got one, was discarded anyway.

He now has to wait 10 years (4 rl months roughly) before he is able to reapply to the mark.

I am curious as to what the thought process behind this change was? Not only was I mark to complete contracts, but also as part of Seftin's RP and to create interesting PVP scenarios (getting jumped by other marks and non-marks to "test themselves etc).

Can this be changed to a yearly "fee" where you have to pay an amount of gold to stay a mark, or even take into account having an active contract? If my contract had expired or I had failed it, I could understand, but to be honest, this is just shit.


  • i am not a mark, nor will I ever be. But this seems pretty clearly, mechanically unjust. Good luck
  • Yep, this blows. I felt really bad for cancelling that one contract I had that one time because of how it affects you guys. Marks should not be pushed out of the mark except for their own willful inactivity or incompetence. (Or at the very least, not have to wait four real life MONTHS to rejoin.) Pls fix.
  • Maybe if the good marks would grief the shit ones into quitting mark(like when I first started playing achaea), we wouldn't have this problem of having to limit based on contacts that don't exist. 
  • Thank you @Tecton
    And @atalkez - you don't know the half of it.
  • Good stuff on letting Seftin back in.

    I really liked being able to pick and choose contracts back in the day as it allowed me an element of RP in what I chose and why, although fully see why it was changed.

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  • I was Quisalis solidly from ~2008-2009 until now and I got kicked too :(

  • 2012 checking in :(
  • I like that they are getting rid of inactive marks but yeah that seems screwed up.. I'm no expert on any aspect of this matter but perhaps having an active contract should stop you from getting kicked.

    It should also take into account the play time of the other player if it doesn't already
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