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  • GrandueGrandue Member Posts: 382 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Sena said:
    Grandue said:
    And there are ways to have contracts that are impossible to forge. All you have to do is have that person send you a message containing the contract and you preserve it. You could always forward that message to a judge or whoever is handling a dispute and it will show the name, date, and contract terms and is 100% completely impossible to forge.
    Forwarded messages are easy to forge, even easier than a contract on an unsealed letter/scroll. There's nothing special about a forwarded message that distinguishes it from an ordinary message, it just automatically adds some text. So you can just manually add the "Forwarded message originally from <person> on <date/time>:" part to whatever you want, and it's identical to a forwarded message.
    You're right, I thought there was a slight difference at the beginning of the message but I just checked and there isn't. 
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