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Just a quick question:

A friend of mine once explained to me how to show GMCP output in a side window in Google Chrome, while using the HTML5 client. There was some keyboard shortcut that brought up a window that showed everything I was getting in the GMCP messages, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.

Could someone please let me know how I can view the GMCP messages sent to the client in Chrome?

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    There's an option in the settings window for "Log raw output to console", which will put all of the raw data sent from the server in there.


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    Chrome specific makes me think the javascript console, ctrl-shift-J

    Note: I haven't tried this, so I could be pretty far off.
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  • I tried using ctrl+shift+j, and it looks like the same kind of window I was seeing before, but all I see are "render time" on the left and stuff starting with "map.js" on the right. Even when I know that GMCP messages are happening (I triggered a notification to certain GMCP messages to test it), I still only see that "render time" stuff.
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