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General decorations

AeryllinAeryllin Michigan, USAMember Posts: 22 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
This is a very simple idea, and likely will be very low priority - but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

With the addition of the wedding shop in Thera, it brought some nice decorations that one could buy to spruce up a room or two for the big event.  And that is really fantastic!

But there are lots of other events that we all like to host for each other now and again - family gatherings, events, fundraisers, birthday parties, celebrations of all kinds.  It'd be fantastic if we could get some sort of party shop eventually as well.  Having been part of a couple major birthday parties lately, it was kind of disappointing that we couldn't really set the stage properly for the big show.

Decorations could include banners, paper streamers, balloons, and like items (anyone can feel free to suggest more) - just of a more colourful and generic nature than the (very pretty but not always appropriate!) wedding decorations.



  • LithorinLithorin Member Posts: 29
    ooo i like the idea of balloons there could be a 5% chance that a given balloon will pop every so often surprising guests with a loud POP! it would be great
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