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Hi guys, I am constantly on 250ms to 350ms ping time, looking to reduce ping time but I have no idea.

I am using Mudlet, on Windows 8 (upgradable to Windows 10).

Is there any settings, measures or hax I can do to reduce ping time, or optimize if for my setup?


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    Not really. It's typically dependent on location and ISP. You could try forwarding ports 23 and 2003, but I'm not sure there will be much of a difference.
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  • For what it's worth, Dochitha, I'm in Australia and that ping doesn't look too bad to me - it's more or less what I get on a decent day.
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  • Yeah, I'd say that is about an average ping for a lot of players. I'd say just try to be use serverside stuff as much as possible, and just learn to move with the momentum that your ping allows. It's not nearly as bad as it used to be, now that we have serverside curing. I remember my herb balance being closer to 2.1s rather than 1.5s like it should be, and salve applications taking way longer. Would spell out instant death anyday.

    Serverside is your friend here! also yeah, could try swapping ports but I really doubt that would do much of anything. It's more reliant on your distance to the server
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  • Do a traceroute to and see if there are any particularly long hops that are bottlenecking you. That way you know if it's even possible for a proxy to help.
  • I play off of phone tethering.

    Running a pretty standard N:0.250-N:0.350, so you're not that bad off!

    On a good day I'll get it down to .150

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  • Just some techie thoughts here..

    • torrents turned off (uploads hurt)
    • if you have a weak connection, youtube/netflix at the same time will hurt you
    • streaming music will also do the same
  • Out of curiosity, does anyone know if NBN in Australia helps with ping to Achaea at all?
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    @Daeir I signed up with WTFast. It did not support Achaea out of the box but they were so committed and actually made it happen for me. Their support is awesome.

    WTFast reduced my current ping from 369ms to 274ms, >25% improvement. When I was having 250ms, WTF reduced it down to about 190ms. Been with them for few days now, the ping reduction is so far outstanding.

    Basically I select a server near my place, and select a server near Achaea's, which is at MO. Connect to WTFast and then connect to Achaea. That easy.

    If anyone has ping issue guess can give WTFast a shot.

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    Daeir said:
    Where are you geographically located?
    Sunny Malaysia. Quite a long distance away from Achaea's server.
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