Magi Script

Hi guys!

I'm offering my Magi script to whichever Magi wants it. It's fully customisable, and I'll offer assistance with setting things up, going over how the system works with you, and other troubleshooting.

The offense is fully-manual, meaning you will have to press buttons in order to do what you want. However, all the complex scripting is done for you! It is all scripted around the in-game queue, and is in an easy format to copy into any other aliases/triggers you need. 

The script includes magi-specific highlights for important effects (such as hypothermia/dehydrate), has a burn-counter (thanks Kasa!) and has a party-mode toggle which allows for party calling golem afflictions and other important magi effects. 

Also comes with an auto-refiner. Just type in REFINE X (crystal) and it'll do the rest for you (up to full rifts)! 

The script also includes an auto-basher (thanks Dragonknight!) for magi and dragon. By this I mean it will spam your basic attack on denizens on a target-list. It won't move for you, and it won't perform any battlerage attack (though I already have alerts/aliases for those).

It's a great script, and I put a lot of time and effort into making most of it (with the help of aforementioned people, of course!). It's helped win me a lot of fights, and has been my pride and joy, which is why I want to share it with any aspiring Magi. Simply message me here, or in game, and I'll hook you up with the script!

Note: The script is largely SVO-specific, though most of the stuff (like can easily be changed. Some triggers are also org-specific. Not difficult to change, either!


  • Can vouch for Aegoth's scripts being very useful. Saved me lots of time and headache
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