Thank you for a decade of fun...and then some!

DeucalionDeucalion The Garden of the Gods
I noticed this week that I've been in the Garden for ten years. 

It's been a really great time, and it is thanks to all of you players that there's a game for me to volunteer for and help create. Even through some of the more trying times with various drama that invariably happens in games like this, it's been a pleasure experiencing the collaborative story that is Achaea along with you. 

Of course, I also must thank all of the gods I've worked with along the way, whether they're still around or not -- you guys are a fantastic team to work with!

Here's to the continued health and fun of the best MUD out there!


  • Has to put up with me most times he logs in and still enjoys it? Says a lot for the atmosphere of the staff. 
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