Battlefury Focus Speed/Precision ((Two-handed Knight))

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FocusAlter your technique.
Known: Yes

This ability will allow the trained knight to alter his stance to produce various results. By focusing on speed, the next attack will be sped up. By focusing on precision, the damage dealt by the next attack will be reduced, but the number of limb-based afflictions dealt will be doubled.

Slightly confused on this. Does it really mean next attack? Because at times I'll use Speed for hunting, but I hit my button a little early ((I think)) and it'll say "You may channel the fury of battle once again." before I've got balance to do my attack. Do I then have to quickly press it again for it to work, or am I fine and my next attack will be sped up regardless if I get this message or not?

Tried to word this as best as possible, sounded better in my head.

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  • The quickest way to test would actually be to find a friend and do precision, wait like 10 seconds, then hit them - if they take 2 fractures, the effect lingers. If they only get 1 fracture, you need to use it before you get balance back. Does that make sense, @Daeros ?
  • It's possible it has changed since, but when I was testing two-handed just after release the effect only lasted until you recovered balance.

    With the balance times on attacks and the battlefury balance time, you should really be using battlefury focus and attacking at the same time.
  • Arador said:
    Effect lasts until battlfury balance. I noticed this with an artefact hammer where I could hit twice with speed focus before getting battlefury balance back and the second hit was still at speed.
    Which hammer? I want it. 

    And is warhammer better than bastard sword? Sword has impale/disembowel, hammer has skullcrush/more fractures ((I think.  That's what I was told, and with Focus Precision/pulverise, that'll be pretty scary. Precision/ over/underhand gets me some good kills already.))
  • You can use both, if you spend the 100 lessons for proficiency. Changing is balanceless as well, so. Warhammer does less hp damage, 2x limb damage, and swings faster. Bastard does more hp damage, 1x limb damage, and swings slower - but you get a venom with it.
  • ElazarElazar NC/Mhaldor
    I use both war hammer and bastard sword equally.  Usually start with warhammer, faster precision hits. Then depending on tactic, i swap to bastard once i get some fractures built up or i just lean with the hammer. May swap to sword to disembowel if im not going for vivisect. 
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    Hammer is great for the fast limb breaks so you can use it to quickly break a torso or put some salve pressure on someone before you start devastating.

    Sword seems better for overall fracture stacking.

    Both can be used for hindrance, the sword with venoms and fracture effects, the hammer with very quick breaks. depends how your opponent cures, really.

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