Is there a quick way to purge my entire message box?

I'm getting a little tired of the spam Achaea feels the need to generate every time an item decays or a credit sells. It is becoming downright common place to login and see things like "a chain-shot coated in dragon's tears has decayed to dust in your absence." repeated 150+ times in a row.

Is there a quick way to delete all messages simultaneously? Because clicking the check box next to each, one by one, is stupendously irritating. 

Is there a way to save to important messages (such as those relating to issues or from real people). Say in another folder?


  • PraxidesPraxides Kansas, USA
    edited July 2015

    So like msg delete range 1 to 1000

    Save messages with folders and preserving, found by simply typing MSG in-game for the huge list.
  • Thank you, this worked. Although it was quite a chore to move all of my important messages to the preserved folder. I wish this preserved folder was accessible via the web page messaging system...
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
       MSG DELETE DECAYS [CONFIRM]          - decay, favour end, grace end, rune fading, indemnification, clan head, empowerment fade,  & credit sale sys msgs.

  • MSG DELETE DECAYS [CONFIRM] deletes most system-created messages.
    DELMSG <folder> deletes all the messages in a folder (so you can create a folder of saved messages then delete all the rest in your inbox).
    DELMSG ALL deletes every message in every folder.
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