Group hunting and experience

I have heard so many different "things" to do to get more experience when group hunting.   Some people say you must be allies, or you must be friends, or must be in the same party, or all three, etc etc... But to be honest i dont think ive noticed a difference using those methods, but people swear by them. 

Other than HELP MENTORS (it says that hunting with your protege grants bonus xp) i have not found any documentation of "bonus group xp".   Anyone know for a -fact- if any of those really grant bonus xp or what scrolls they are under?


  • Being allied, being friends, or being in the same party (the kind with partytells, not just "party" as a general term) make absolutely no difference under any circumstances. All that matters is being in the same group ("group" being defined as people who are following the same person, which you can see with GROUP) as the person who got the last hit.
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