Shaman Invoke Bloodlet - Increase?

I have been playing with stacking ginseng and invoking bloodlet recently.

Currently invoke bloodlet turns every ginseng aff into 150 bleeds. Now Shaman gets access to haemophilia, addiction, vomiting, while lethargy is gained through coagulation.

I can understand stacking 3 ginseng and invoke bloodlet into 450 bleeding. If I attempt to stack 4, which means I need to coagulate at least 150 bleeding into lethargy, I am losing out 150 bleeding for coagulation while getting the 150 back again during invoke bloodlet from it's kinda pointless to try 4 ginseng stacks.

I am thinking if invoke bloodlet can be increased from 150 to a larger number. It takes a while to stack the ginseng for bloodlet, and I think being able to stack 4 ginseng via coagulation and then bloodlet can have some kind of this point it is just pointless to even try, cos you lose 150 bleeding via coagulation and then gain that 150 back on invoke bloodlet, it is net zero, might as well just invoke bloodlet off 3 ginseng without lethargy...

To illustrate clearer:
Scenario A: Target bleeding 150 with 3 ginseng affs. Invoke bloodlet turns 3 ginseng affs into 450 bleeds, for a total of 600 bleeds.
Scenario B: Target bleeding 150 with 3 ginseng affs. Coagulate that 150 bleed into lethargy, and then invoke bloodlet for 600 bleeds. Total...600 bleeds.

Both scenarios end up with 600 bleeds. While scenario A is actually better since target could be bleeding more than 150+ and coagulation clots up all bleeding.

Is scenario B totally useless...or can invoke bloodlet be increased so scenario B becomes a worthwhile attempt?



  • AchimrstAchimrst Nature
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    Invoke Bloodlet, totally useless.

    Back-up plan while doing a lock to get an inflame kill.

    PS. Should add if the inflame doesn't work, you should totes get fashions from Soulrend that way too.
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    invoke bloodlet is fun.

    From my testing I'm pretty sure it's 200 per affliction, not 150. Additionally the burst bleeding that you get from bloodlet is most of the point, as it forces their mana below a certain level for Maligus.
  • Yes I am loving it entirely. Basically hindering with paralysis/impatience/peace while stacking ginseng into a bloodlet and repeat for soulrend/hindering. Not consistently working but it is fun if it worked.

    Pure inflame is the hardest to pull.

    My test previously was at 150 bleeds, not sure if it was increased lately...
  • Peace gives pacifism which is cured upon being attacked again.
  • Amranu said:
    Peace gives pacifism which is cured upon being attacked again. wonder...thanks for pointing it out!
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