Naming Sentinel loyals

So, a few hours past, I was present when an adventurer named their Golem. I didn't even know this could be done.

Could Sentinel loyals (from Woodlore (I.E. fox, lemming, wolf, etc.)) be named as well? And if so, how?

I'm asking if it could be done instead of asking said adventurer how she did it because Woodlore loyals are less permanent than loyals such as Golems. Golems will be around more, until they are taken apart or killed, while the Woodlore ones will disappear when you die/log off.

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    Tharvis said:
    from the help file : 

    You may name pretty much any denizen that is loyal to you. To do so, have one
    thousand gold in your hands and type:  NAME <loyal> <newname>


    However this has restrictions. You cannot name temporary class loyals like efreetis or waterweirds, so I assume you also cannot name the sentinel loyals
    Even though you said you can't name temporary class loyals, I tried to anyway once I found out how......

    :o  Please forgive me!

    ((It worked..... Now to see if it was a waste of 1k gold or not. o.o))

    Edit: Spelling, Added 'Please' :silenced: 

    Edit Edit: Yep, it's a total waste. :cry: 

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