2-line Trigger, how to? (Mudlet)

I am trying to create a trigger to capture the current health and mana via Vodun Spy, which has this line:

You gaze into the eyes of the doll and see that Someone has a health of 4485/4529 and a mana of 

My problem is...The lines are not fixed, at times the "mana of 797/3777" can drop to second line if the person's name is long.

How do I create a trigger for this?



  • Easiest way is to make sure you have a screenwidth of 0 configured in Achaea (CONFIG SCREENWIDTH 0, I think?). That way only a single line gets sent to the client, which then handles wrapping at the appropriate point for you. However, since triggers fire before that happens, you only need a single line trigger. It only becomes problematic if you're also trying to remove the line and echo your own text instead.

  • @Antonius  Worked!! Thank you so much!
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