So, the new year started fairly recently, and I just now noticed that Novak is listed at 19 now. Which I'm kinda confused about. On HELP AGING (HELP 5.16) it says:

"Although your character's age will increase by one year every Achaean year...."
And an Achaean year is approximately 12 days, if I remember correctly. I've only been playing for around 2-4 days.

Did I read HELP AGING wrong, or is this a bug or something?

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  • Sena said:
    Your character's birthday is the 17th of Mayan, so the character should have been created on July 5th, about 13 days ago.
    Seriously? It so didn't feel like 13 days. Hmm.

    Fail on my part. Yikes, I think my sense of time is broken. 
  • Tvistor said:
    Get out while you can.
    It's too late for that.
    Da trident has me trapped.
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