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So, I was told that when a Serpent snaps their fingers in front of my, I should either flee or destroy them (I'm far from destroying anyone, so I'm going with flee for now). My anti-theft is good, but it won't stop theft every single time, just like all other scripts. So, I was wondering if I could create a fleeing script that would send me like, 20 to 30 random rooms away from where the theft attempt was (or send me to a good place, like my city (but then again, theft could also happen -inside- the city...)) and during that running, would make me Shroud (I'm Infernal) if I wasn't which would help. 
I'd make it easily enough... If I knew how to script. 
I'm using the Nexus. I'm thinking of switching to Mudlet sometime..... But eh.

So, is it possible/a good idea, and if so, could someone help me create it?


  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Nobody in their right mind would steal from you inside Mhaldor. I promise you that.
    Huh. Neat.
  • Ahmet said:
    Nobody in their right mind would steal from you inside Mhaldor. I promise you that.
    Perhaps.... But so many people aren't in their right mind these days.

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    Running away definitely isn't something you want to automatically do on every snap, things like that are extremely abusable. Instead, just have an alias that you can easily type that will do WALK TO MHALDOR.

    Shrouding is unlikely to help you at all.

    Generally, the only thing you should ever consider automatically doing on a snap is putting up selfishness if it's not already up (and then only if you don't plan on doing any combat), anything else is probably bad advice.
  • WALK TO MHALDOR is questionable.

    Plenty of people follow before snapping and walking into cities with enemies in tow, even if the guards will usually grab them, is generally frowned upon.

    I'm typically the last person to complain about automation, but wishing for an automated way to run away is a little much. I imagine you can probably manage that manually.
  • Like Sena said, running away on every snap isn't really a good idea. You could also be walled in, too, and just keep ramming yourself against said wall. The best possibly anti-theft is to just be paying attention and not leave any valuables directly in your hands, or not idle where theft is likely to occur.
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  • Pay attention and don't go afk unless you're somewhere you won't be stolen from. (Personally I write journal on the rare occasion I have to go afk for more than like two minutes, and I try to avoid that.) the best anti-theft is being aware and reacting, not relying on scripts.

    At most a trigger to keep selfishness up (which most curing systems can take care of for you), rewearing pack and putting gold in pack is all you should need. I also trigger to automatically put gold in pack anytime I take it out, personally, and I have a buy alias that automatically takes out gold and buys items quickly before my trigger puts the gold away. 

    If you need to flee from a thief you'll want to make sure they aren't following first, best way to do that is to be awake enough to check rather than relying on a trigger. They also have the right to block some but not all exits if I recall which is hard to predict with scripts. 

    The best anti theft is just to be aware, always keep selfishness up and keep your stuff put away. 
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