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Okay, so I'm about to really start getting into role-plays after I join Mhaldor and get settled as an Infernal and all that jazz. I like to have at least a base for my characters when I start to RP, but a few I'll need additional info for/ideas on how to do them in-game.

1. Masochism/Submission
Yes, you read that correctly. I want Xori to be a masochist, but this is only influenced by Mhaldor in a small way. Seems like it would be fun. "Hey, Xori needs to Suffer, let's go cut him up!" "He'll like that way too much, though." "How about Oppressing him?" "That dude gets off on that." -pained sigh- "What the hell do we do then?" Translation: If played correctly, it'll be hard to make him Suffer enough to leave a lasting impression on him if (e.g) cutting him up makes him feel good. Even beheading, after quite a few times, will become pleasure since he can come back to life and then come back for more. At least, this is my thinking.

I've written RP for a few years now (I was never really good at writing to begin with, so I'm pretty much always learning) and I've played a character that was sexually  by pain and whatnot once in an entirely different game, where combat isn't as big, which is where I'm having trouble at.

Do I just ignore his masochism while hunting or what? Any thoughts on this?

2. Scholar/History buff
As much as I hate reusing character ideas, I've always had my characters at least have a passing interest in history. I love the lore a game with any amount of depth has. Awesome. But in a game like Achaea where anything that enhances the RP value is known by everyone actively playing and even by people who play periodically, how can I have Xori be somewhat distinguished in this regard?  That's only for history. Does Achaea have anything resembling math? Alchemy can count as science easily enough, but that's exclusive to Alchemists. How can I make it so that after a good while of playing, Xori can be pointed out: "That dude is smart."

That's really all I have for now, I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes on.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions for me?


  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    For the first one;

    I would personally try to justify the hunting bit by noting that keeping himself alive allows him a greater window of time to experience the masochistic tendencies, whereas just taking it without healing, he'd die.

    History in this game - especially common era history - is one of the most fun things to get into, imho, along with the IG theologies. There's a bit of a blurred line with science, but Alchemist RP does tend to seem to lean towards mad scientist kind of stuff. 

    If you want to be recognized as a scholar; I'd suggest doing a lot of reading, and doing everything you can to hang out with @Lorielan's order members. They can show you the ropes of neutral-ish scholasticism, and they're by and large some of the best RPers out there.
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  • RuthRuth Singapore
    The way I play Ruth during hunting/combat is that she's not too afraid to die if she participates in those endeavours. She'll often volunteer to go hunting at the same place she died to experience it again and wreck vengeance (ask the people who I bring on hunting; most always die because I take them to crazy places like LHG or Moghedu where aggressive mobs target them instead of me :() and is always up for throwing herself at a raid skirmish/defense if there's still continued interest for that.

    She believes that the pain suffered until the point of death allows her to learn more about her enemies/herself and gladly embraces that. This is a different, alternative angle of perception from the one Aodfionn presented which may interest you.

    As for the other question, I agree that you'll have to start reading a lot on Achaea's history and familiarize yourself with them. So, I'll recommend reading the entirety of the Mythos and the Seleucarian Empire (the black wave, the wars of succession and the fall of Seleucar) first.

    There are also good books on other aspects of Achaea such as religion and ideals in the libraries of most organizations/cities/order temples which you can browse through and read to get an idea.

    To develop your reputation and your own solid perception of Achaea philosophy (which in my opinion is pretty important as a scholar IG), I would recommend that you also approach people whom you know are receptive to debates or discussions about your relevant subject. Participate/turn up for publicly held events or debates where you can learn or try your hand at discussing what you know. Be open-minded.

    Here are some names I can give you for various organizations which I think would be receptive to you approaching them for discussions based on previous interactions/knowledge/prolific efforts:



    Sybilla (chaos/oblivion)
    Amunet (chaos/oblivion)
    Kyrra (freedom)
    Klendathu (freedom)

    ...or myself

    Hellen (alchemy)
    Valentinus (alchemy)

    I have no idea!

    Lorielan's Order/Followers
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  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Ruth said:

    Sybilla (chaos/freedom)
    Amunet (chaos/oblivion)
    Kyrra (freedom)
    Klendathu (freedom)
    Ariettie (freedom)

    The concept of Freedom, especially to do with Vastar's teachings, was thrown out the window almost a year ago. It's not far off being a RL year since the doctrine was changed, but any of us (including Ariettie) would be happy to discuss that with people. Sybilla's got a really awesome understanding of both sides though.
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  • RuthRuth Singapore
    edited July 2015
    Yeah, I figured as much regarding previous Vastarian teachings. I did forget that Sybilla is in the order; I went along with the fact that she leads the Occultists and that one of my proteges approached her for a conversation of chaos and oblivion.
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