When your character gets away from you



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    The only manner in which my character has deviated from its goal, being "Apex Natliya", so to speak, is in three aspects.
    One; She isn't a Dynamis of Mhaldor.
    Two; She actually has someone she confides her guarded emotions in.
    Three; She is still petrified/horrified/frightened of -all- divines.

    Aside from that... 

    This is my first, and only, experience with any form of MUD/MMO/RPG on-line/Text based game.
    Having said that, I'm rather "newbie" at it all, with a mere 1year 40weeks under my belt.
    Despite my severe inexperience, I'd like to think that my character has grown and evolved in a way that truly satisfies what I was shooting for in my little IRL "daydreams", 'bout two years ago.

    My Target(Short Version):
    Old, blind lady, very peaceful and serene. Wise, speaks in riddles frequently, and has a tang of bloodlust to her. Serves evil not for the sake of evil, but for the brutal effectiveness of the fortress.

    My Actuality(Short Version):
    Oldish, blind lady, very peaceful and serene. Wis-ish, speaks in riddles excessively, and has an uncontrollable bloodlust. Serves nature not for the sake of nature, but for her hunger to not be alone.

    For long versions, speak to your psychiatrist about why you would want to hear such boring stories, then "Touch Life" in Achaea and realize the Truth the Realms tell you through that.
    Then, if you still really, really want to know... I'll tell ya in private messages.

    Oh, and gods-dangit, IRE, I want my shotgun! Please! I'd settle for a crossbow which fired HEAP(HighExplosive ArmourPiercing) flechette bolt-rounds... 

    But Natliya isn't complete without it!

    I don't like long goodbyes.
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    Started a bitch. Still a bitch.
  • Started out Gamden as a alt , the samurai thing as a blademaster was new and I liked the idea of an unique blade.

    Gamden quickly changed into my main, which i wanted to press into a combat character. His character was devoted to Shallam and the Sentaari, had the usual scuffle with Tanris and co during raids.He's in an awesome family , friends ext ext.

    Then RL happened (great graphics btw) and i went dormant for almost 1 and a half year. Got back, found Shallam beneath water, Sentaari gone, most friends dormant and luckily two of his closest family members (Kaiu and Garis) still around. They got him quickly back up to speed, but still shellshocked. And Kinda pissed I missed the Bel met saga.

    Then I did the race for dragon, and achieved it recently after a year odd battle. Which in itself is great but at a huge cost socially wise.

    The problem now is to get back in RP as a rogue cause mostly you get a smile and a nod back when your trying to make conversation. Maybe joining a city again will solve this?ill see what happens..

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