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SVO and serverside offense queueing

RemisRemis Member Posts: 2
I was hoping for suggestions as to the best way to script my offense relying on serverside queuing such that it yields, whenever necessary, to SVO's need for EQ or BAL.

Specifically, I'm a shaman and therefore for bashing (and eventually PVP) rely on attacks with short balance times.  My lag (as measured by the N: in mudlet's bottom right corner) is often between .100 and .400.  I'm looking to minimize downtime between curses, for example.

I'm reasonably comfortable coding in LUA, but as a new player don't want to 1.) over complicate the task, as I'm prone to do; or 2.) invest too much time implementing a poorly thought out solution.

Are there already existing ways of handling this?

Should I script a do queue from the ground up?

Should I just run with CONFIG USEQUEUEING ON? 

Should I use SVO's DO queue with CONFIG USEQUEUEING OFF such that I always keep one command in the queue, perhaps like: send("attack") immediately followed by send("queue add bal attack") and then svo.doadd("queue add bal attack"), that way the first command sends the attack, the second queue's up the next attack and the third requeue's every time balance is regained such that there is never not an attack already in the server queue?

How do you prevent all of this from interfering with SVO wanting to cure in a way that requires balance?

Any recommendations would be helpful.  Thanks!

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  • RemisRemis Member Posts: 2

    Thanks a lot for the help. 

    I don't think I would have strumbled upon the ability to next QUEUE ADD's on my own, so I really appreciate your pointing that out!

    CLEAR QUEUE ALL makes perfect sense to me.  I'll comb through SVO and see if I can't find any publically accessible events/tables/variables that I can read in order to determine that the server queueu must be flushed so that SVO can utilize balance/eq.
  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!Member Posts: 3,107 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    @Remis just be aware that changes you make in svo's own code will most likely result in errors and/or may be wiped in the next svo update. So do not adjust in his own script
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