Can I create a script to identify sigils in a room?

I am currently running mudlet, and would like to create a script to be able to identify what sigils are in a room, how many, and how long before they disintegrate.  How would I go about doing it?  I'll admit I'm a noob when it comes to mudlet, I was better with zmud, but after an 8 year hiatus from the realms, I found myself applying for a position where a script like this would be fantastic and faster even.  If anyone has some sort of ideas how to go about doing this, please let me know!  Please remember I am virtually a noob at doing this, but after seeing some of the scripting just for an auto-clotter, I am confident that there is a way to do this.


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    It's very doable, but not super simple if you are virtually a noob.

    You'd need an alias that does IH (or you could just use GMCP if you know how to do that), which enables a trigger (you probably don't want this to go off when you just do IH normally) that fires on each sigil line of IH and saves each one to a table. Then you need to loop over the table to send a PROBE for each sigil in the table, and those probes will be used by another trigger that looks for the decay times and saves the decay times to the/another table. You probably want to gag the IH and all of this probing too so you don't get spammed too hard. Then you need to print it all to the screen somehow, clear the tables, and disable the triggers again.
  • I have a haphazardly thrown together alias that does IH SIGIL and gets the ID #s, and a complementary alias that probes each, that I can send tonight. I might forget though so drop me a line if you don't hear from me.
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