My final (giant) post of farewell and thank you's

ZarlaZarla Somewhere deep within Mhaldor...
After some days of thought, I’ve finally made the ultimate decision- I am quitting Achaea, and this time, there will be no coming back. I will be embarking on a new chapter of my life, in hopes of becoming a good doctor and make a positive mark in this (often rotten) world. In order to do so, I need to prioritise attention on my studies, and Achaea is way too time consuming of a hobby to keep up for me. It was a hard decision to make because I love this game, but something had to give, and this was the most obvious choice.

I’m not usually one to make large and personal OOC statements on online forums… But I realised it would be unfair of those who have rped with me if I suddenly poofed without an explanation, especially since this time, it is a permanent goodbye. Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all those people who made my time playing Achaea so much fun and a positive experience. I’ll mention some particular individuals here, but I also want to thank anyone who I had come across and rped with (particularly the amazing Mhaldorian players)- you guys give this game its special quality I’ll always remember. 

In no particular order I will mention:

@Ruth For being my first mentor back in Ebon Fist and introducing me to Mhaldor. You always took the time to explain things in detail, and your finely tuned works/ explanations were very inspirational. Needless to say, Zarla looked up to Ruth, and it was an added bonus that you are an excellent rper as well. I’m sorry about disappearing on you a couple of times throughout her mentorship in the past. Thank you for the interactions we’ve had, and although we never really spoke much OOC, it was a pleasure getting to know Ruth as a character.

@Taraus For being my mentor in the Dread Legates after Zarla woke up from her long slumber. We’ve had our moments, haven’t we? In sickness and in health indeed. Sassy and unique, I really admired your roleplay style, and I enjoyed interacting with Taraus. You inspired me to look into the more creative aspects of Achaea, to see beyond the surface in order to discover original ideas. I tried my hand at designing things for the first time because of your words, and it was a hugely satisfying experience. Thumbs up to you, Taraus, and thank you! I’m sorry I am leaving before becoming a full Legate, but I hope our interactions gave you some measure of fun and satisfaction as well.

@Watchman , @Ulrike I know Zarla only recently joined the Dracrotalus family, and I want to apologise for ducking out so soon. Thank you for including her in, at least for the while she was part of the kinship; it felt great to have Zarla (who had always been very much a loner) become part of a renowned family. Thanks for understanding my situation, and I hope you guys have lots of fun with family gatherings ahead! Long live the Dracrotalus line!

@Kisharo For cheering me up whenever I was feeling grumpy or down, and for majorly helping me in combat. You were always keen to help me out, and encouraged me even though I sucked terribly at it haha. I know we had planned to reach dragon together… I’m very sorry. You mentioned to me “doctors are scary” the other day, and I promise you, I'll work hard to become the most unscary doctor ever! *grin* Thank you for all the good times!

@Jaybles I hadn’t seen you around recently, but I wanted to mention you because you also helped me out quite a lot in combat. Thank you!

Also thanks to @Natliya for helping me get started in blademaster combat and giving me advice!

@Kitiara For helping me out majorly with an opening ceremony script in the past, and for sharing ideas on creative scripts, such as the theatrical work we had been planning. I’m sorry that won’t happen now… But I hope you still end up writing something for the theatre! It was great working together with you, even if it was short. Thanks!

@Borivoj For always cheerfully greeting me and being the inspirational youngster character who energised Zarla and made her attempts to help the young feel worthwhile. She didn’t get to know you for a long time, but even so, we had some great interactions, and I’ll never forget the time we went to Keresis’ temple together hehe. Thanks for the fun!

@Panawen For giving Zarla a chance and joining Mhaldor after our IC interactions. It was great to see you persist and staying in the house/ city. I hope you continue to find your interests in Mhaldor. I know the game has a steep learning curve… It was great to interact with you, especially since you are one of the newbies Zarla helped out the most, and felt responsible for after recruitment. Thanks for the fun, and don’t forget, don’t be afraid to ask around if you need help! Mhaldor has some really helpful players!

Again, I can’t possibly cover everyone here, but you all know who you are! <3
Thanks Achaea for giving me such a positive gaming experience. Thank you to the community for the magical times!

Wishing you all the best!
And with this, I take my leave.


  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect it
    Whether or not you read this, I wish you all the best. Be a good doctor! 
    If you like my stories, you can find them here:
    Stories by Jurixe and Stories by Jurixe 2 

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  • RuthRuth Singapore
    Best of luck! Being a doctor is hell in Singapore, and I imagine it is the same all around the world. I hope you'll be back eventually, when you're done with studies!
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  • ElazarElazar NC/Mhaldor
    Man, we didnt talk that much, but i will miss your presence and creativeness that i noticed on a regular basis!

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    @Zarla Gonna miss you a ton, but I am so happy that you're doing an awesome thing with your life! I hope you read this because I want you to know that the words I type mean more than what I can express. <3! I hope you come back to reach dragon :)

  • ElazarElazar NC/Mhaldor
    Ps- dont say 'for good' cause when you come back, itll give us teasng rights :):)
  • Aww. :( I did not speak to you much individually, but I will miss you and your contributions to Mhaldor!
  • Elazar said:
    Ps- dont say 'for good' cause when you come back, itll give us teasng rights :):)

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    @Zarla : I know my share of doctors, so I can see how someone in medical school, residency or practice won't have time for Achaea. It's a hectic life, but also I think really rewarding because you get to see sick people get healthy by your actions. You just need to be prepared for drunk weirdos with missing teeth and blackened teeth stumbling into your office screaming "where's my Viagra?!?!?!??!!?" in front of all of your elderly female patients and for patients going to the ER with the "life-threatening" emergency of having the common cold.

    Have fun and be merry!
  • A sincere "Thank you" for helping me find my way around this crazy place. You always had / made time to help out if I needed it. Did not speak to you ooc, but I am sure you are a even greater warrior than Zarla.  In Strength.

  • Good luck Zarla!

  • HeroseHerose Nova Scotia, Canada
    Hey @Zarla!    Good luck with becoming a doctor.  Maybe we'll see you again after you're done your studies!
  • TarausTaraus The Gypsy Wind
    what no

    this is both terrible and wonderful news. Wonderful because you're on a solid, admirable track, and have your head screwed on straight, and terrible because we lose you.

    You've been an utter delight all-around, especially as my protege, the Legates were better for having you, and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do!

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    All the best luck Zarla! It's great that you're ready to focus on life, though I'm sure we'll miss you. Unfortunate we never got to interact more, but looking forward to your (hopeful) eventual return!
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  • Well.. bugger.

    I'm glad we got to have the interactions we did. Like many here I'm sad that we're losing you but happy you're pursuing something important. Best of luck with your studies and in life!
  • Unexpected! That's sad news for Mhaldor but such wonderful news for yourself. I wish you all the best in your pursuits!

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  • Best of luck!

    Had fun hunting the Sea Lion Cove with you in the undead invasion, even though you died a lot. :grin: 
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Only met you a few times but you seemed pretty great. Best of luck to you!

    PS see you in 3-4 years when you get bored of not having Achaea in your life.
    Huh. Neat.
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    You were one of the first 2-3 people I actually like, talked to since returning to Achaea

    I'll miss you heaps. Good luck in all of your endeavors.

    edit; didn't even think to note this down, but literally not a few seconds before tabbing over to forums to cure my boredom I did CW/HW/Q FRIENDS/Q Z
    because you always made yourself accessible to talk to ;_;
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  • :( good luck @zarla it was fun!
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  • BorivojBorivoj Seattle, WA
    I rarely look at the forums - I wish I had read this much earlier! Your departure actually prompted me to make a forum account proper and write a post. Zarla had a huge impact on Borivoj - she was one of the two people who really inspired him - she was his role model. I have no idea if you'll ever read this, but you'll be terribly missed. I wish you the best of luck in life!
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