So wanted to learn mudlet read a bit of the manual and wiki seems a bit much to learn I don't even know where to start to try to make a container I even read the Geyster container info but didnt give step to step so gave up .... seems to be code savy that can be good at this I'm computer savy but havent really messed with scripts or coding but I would like to learn but seeing as I rarely have much time to be on a computer because of work and kids it can be much to learn at the moment. Maybe one day.


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    Learning to make a GUI with geyser is probably not the thing to cut your teeth with if you don't know any scripting. GUI programming is relatively difficult and particularly time-consuming. Setting up a simple little container to show a few things is maybe doable, but chances are anything you want to do will end up being a lot more complicated than you suspect.

    Instead, start with aliases and triggers and stuff like that. I posted a good example of a quick starter project in your other thread about antitheft in the HTML5 client.

    Go get that working in the HTML5 client and understand it.

    After that, if you want to use Mudlet instead, read a Lua tutorial (there are tons of them online and the language is pretty simple) and try to recreate the antitheft script/alias/trigger in Mudlet.

    Learning to script is not at all necessary to enjoy Achaea. If you want to do it though, expect to put in the time and effort.

    If you do want to put in time and you enjoy it, Achaea provides a really wonderful place to learn to do it, and it is a useful life skill that you can apply outside of Achaea too.
  • I actually did anti thief with curing server side and it seems to carry to mudlet thanks for advice
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