Next artifact or skill for Magi

I'm a Magi with my class skills and survival up to transcendent and weaponry up to party. What skill or artifact should I be trying to get next?

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  • Avoidance is always good for the damage reduction for both PvP and PvE, plus the ability to dodge in PvP. I'd say do that next.
  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    If your intention is hunting, I would get SoA then avoidance.  If your intention is combat,  I would get SoA then avoidance.  Though learning some abilities to less than trans is useful.  For instance, learning to squint in vision will save you a lot of headache (this is one of my first investments on alts), or learning tattoos to starburst. Keep in mind, learning tattoos opens more tattoo slots at specific ranks.  I would learn weaponry to targeting for a combat, it will reduce the number of aliases you need by a long shot.  
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