Switching to Sentinel

Okay, first off hello everyone!  This is my  first post so sorry  if it's in the wrong spot.  I am pretty sure I  want to switch to sentinel and I am just wondering what order to learn things in as I won't be able to go Tri trans right off the bat.  It seems like metamorphosis is good for pvp, and I would need at least thust in skirmishing for hunting, would I need to trans skirm to be effective at bashing?  From another post I read it seems like I would need targeting and envenom to help out with hand axes as well.  I would ask most of this in game but I really haven't seen any sentinels when I have been around lately....any other general tips or strategies would be appreciated as well!  Thanks in advance guys and have a great day!


  • Great questions.. honestly, I don't know exactly. I went straight to Tri-Trans. I can tell you what skills I use, though. 

    In the past, Jaguar was our desired hunting morph, but I use Thrust with my spear. I have heard people use handaxes for the speed and higher crit chance, but I like being able to use Rivestrike with my spear, which allows me to tear down shields and punish mobs for using them.

    Barkskin in Woodlore is our second armour, giving us more defense. 

    In combat, I've found most of my attacks come from Skirmishing, envenoming my spear and using doublestrike, lacerate, gouge, etc in cahoots with my Woodlore pets.

    Meta just gives me my escape methods and utility here and there. Eagle morph is the best thing ever for flying and being able to Track to people. Jaguar and Basilisk are our morphs for combat- they give us our kill-methods, so if you're focusing on combat, you'll want those.

    I hope that's helpful- I'll be in-game in... 7 hours or so, if you're able to make it around.

  • Thanks Borran!  all of the info is great! I will try to pick your brain a bit more in game...7 hours is like 10 am for me and I am usually on around 9 at night or so (eastern time) I don't really get the whole get thing whole gmt thing yet...also...as far as prep goes is maul viable or would I want to use spear/hand axe to break....breaking in 4 hits with maul seems pretty cool...maybe as a starting strategy before I get skull bash I could go for proning and some pounds with gorilla with sensitivity or something....sorry for the looooonnnng post I am full of never ending questions! 
  • Personally, I have only gotten down 1 kill strat, and it's a combat trick at best. But it ends with Petrify/Extirpate, which is always fun.

  • Awesome....good to have something to work towards! Thanks again
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