I Draw Things (Commission Thread)

Alright, so here it is.

As some of you have already discovered, and some will now discover, I draw stuff.  Specifically, I am willing to draw your character.

What I offer:

  • Basic Sketch:  50 credits.  Your drawing will look something like this:

  • Clean Line Art: 75 credits.  Your drawing will look something like this:

  • Full Colour Render: 100 credits.  Your drawing will look something like this:

I also accept real money, so let me know if this will be your payment option and I will quote you through inbox.  I receive payment through PayPal at this time.

Some stipulations before you order:
  • While I'm willing to draw some flirtatious things, I will not draw outright porn.  Please don't ask me for this.
  • These are for single character renders only.  I simply don't have time for more than that while retaining my other hobbies and my sanity.
  • These take me a very long time to make, in particular if it's a full colour drawing.  If you order from me, please be very patient with me.  The drawing of Valentinus up above took me roughly five days to complete, while inspired and in a good mood.  Yours will probably take longer.
Placing an order will be streamlined and simple.  Fill out the form below and reply to this thread with it in order to reserve your interest.  When I'm ready to begin on your project, I will send you an inbox message informing you that I'm starting, and you may pay me the appropriate amount when this takes place.  I will not work before I receive payment.  If I cannot, for whatever reason, complete the project, I will refund you the full amount.

Character Name:  (In case you're buying for someone else.)
Character Description:  (What he or she looks like.)
Character Personality:  (This will influence gestures within the drawing.)
Notable Things:  (Like a specific item you want them to be holding or wearing, some physical trait you wish to have expressed, and so on.)

Please only order one character per thread reply, in order to allow for artwork to be distributed evenly.  Use your best judgement, let others get some pretty art, et-cetera.

- Valentinus

I take commissions.


  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Character Name:  Shirszae Nynniaw, Scarlatti's Harp (Full colour render)

    Character Description
    She is a beautiful siren of the northern wilds. Small and child-like in bearing, her dusky features are nonetheless lean and severe, remiss to laugher. A long stripe of black cloth conceals the socket of her right eye from view at  all times, but her left one remains naked, a brilliant amber in hue. The locks of her hair, white like the snows of Kamleikan, spill mostly like a crown of careless seaweeds about her frame, the longest strands reaching almost to the small of her back. The only exception to this is a long, delicate braid falling from her temple to graze at her collarbone. Upon her skin sit a small variety of mementos, like the glimmering white scales beside her thin, uncoloured lips, or the scarred mark of two fangs on the side of her neck. Of all, however, the most notorious  is a burn scar on her left cheek in the shape of what seems to be an escarbuncle within a border. Possessor of a cold beauty and long, sharp claws for nails, no womanly charm insinuates itself to the eyes beyond the obviousness of her race.

    Character Personality:  (Reserved, curious, melancholy, distracted, knowing, teasing, musician, painter, druid.)
    Notable Things:  (The first two are the really notable, the other two are what she wears at present)

    -Harp: a consecrated ebon harp enshrined in snow blossoms
    Possessed of a rare clarity, a handsome shard of black quartz twists into the body of an elegant harp. Delicate veins course through the dark crystal in a crackle of opalescence, fading at the crown to make way for the bell-shaped blooms of a dozen snow blossoms. The tiny flowers trail down the instruments pillar, thinning as they descend: the final floret rests in the open palm of the Muse of Tragedy, her form carved from the column in exquisite detail. Twin portrayals of the Muse of Storytelling coil about the base, depicted in direct opposition: on the left, she exudes a calm, serene disposition, and on the right she displays a markedly tomboyish demeanour. Boasting a pronounced curvature, the neck of the harp bears the reclined form of the Muse of Music, her hand reaching toward a set of gold and crimson strings. Truly unique, the instrument exists as a beguiling work of passion and devotion to the Arts.

    -an iridescent quartz quill pendant
    Shimmering with a fragile iridescence, the quartz barbs of this calamus fan into curled, puissant lengths. A central inlay of celestite leads to a sharpened writing point, and a golden chain winds around the feather's shaft, enabling the Great Bard's sigil to be worn. Weighting the chain's end, a petite lyre charm boasts a full set of ethereal strings, perfect in miniature. Radiant and colourful, the quill sheds a silvery incandescence on its surroundings, wistfully shedding the imbued artistic essence.

    -an elegantly embroidered one-shoulder tunic
    The very image of elegant simplicity, this tunic is but a long, uneven sheet of luxurious cotton draping freely about the wearer's body and reaching down to just beyond the buttocks. Dyed a pristine, ivory white, the piece rests comfortably on a lone, delicate shoulder, the upper hemline falling thereafter in a soft, diagonal slant that necessarily bares its companion. A myriad whorling patterns of crystal flowers rendered in deep, black thread follow just beneath the hemline in a multitude of clean lines, making this the centrepoint of the garment. Possessing no sleeves as such, two small incissions rest at roughly hands-height, whereupon the aforementioned can be slipped through, ensuring the garment moves and sways with every gesture and motion. Hidden on the inside of the hemline is a tag, sporting a blood-red waning moon above a willow.

    -a scarlet shawl trimmed with painterly blossoms
    Samples of wool originating from the Vashnars and surrounding mountains were gathered and used in the sewing of this deceptively simple and warm garment. Meant to be worn about the shoulders to add flare and colour to an otherwise dull outfit, the fabric has been dyed a soft, enticing scarlet that undoubtedly draws attention without being a sore on the eyes. The true attractive of this piece, however, lies in the numerous blossoms embroidered in exquisite detail which boast a wealth of twilit pink and bluish petals along the lower hem. Beneath the flowery swell, a band of white thread further embellishes the garment, diminutive coloured shells sewn along its length, from which flare short strands of knotted wool, adding a hint of wildness and character.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Dang! Thanks @Jukilian .. :sunglasses: Good looking out. 

    @Valentinus ..

    I'd like a full colour render.

    Character Name:

    Miss Kiah S. Corso  

    Character Description:

    She is a human. Accentuated by slight chestnut highlights and swooping bangs, her smooth, ebon hair falls in gently curling layers to just above the small of her back. Dark jade eyes flash from beneath carefully arched eyebrows. Soft, dewy skin and lips display further evidence towards her feminine predilection. Her long fingers end in perfectly manicured nails; the tips of which have been expertly painted with hand-made, white nail paint and diamond dust. The skin of her hands bears elaborate tattoos which extend down each fingertip and along her wrists. The ornate designs swirl and twist, seamlessly morphing into blooming flowers, punctuated by trails of small dots and delicate, flowing lines. Upon closer inspection, one of the flowers appears to be wilting, with several ripped and jagged petals. The intricate outline of a partially formed, humanoid heart is seared into the palm of her left hand. Pulsing from an unknown source, the faintly glowing image subtly disperses into the tattoos on her forearms. Smaller than most of her race, she carries herself with a reticent, yet fearless demeanour.

    Character Personality:

    Independent, alpha, perceptive, forthright .. monk. 

    Notable Things:  

    Physical traits:
    The tattoos, her eyes, and her fingernails.

    Btw, this is what I mean by "gently curling layers": 
    [spoiler]  [/spoiler]

    a turquoise blouse with rolled sleeves
    [spoiler] such a cute spring outfit by ameliathorpe [/spoiler]

     form-fitting white trousers
    [spoiler] spring outfit by ameliathorpe [/spoiler]

     a pair of peep-toe pump shoes
    [spoiler] Prada Bicolor Peep Toe Pump by lakisha [/spoiler]

    She has a lot of other things I'd love to see added, and I'm thinking of changing her hair (she's had it the same way for ages) but this is the bare minimum. 

    So glad to see you decided to take commissions!!! :proud: 
  • edited June 2015
    Oooooh me too Please! Full colour render pretty please!

    Character name: 

    Villanelle Adaele Anemides(Bard)

    Character Description:

    She is a tiger-like rajamala. Vaguely humanoid in form, she has fine, orangish-
    red fur covering her entire body. She stands at a modest five foot, six inches, 
    though she appears slightly taller due to a pair of feline ears perched on the 
    top of her head. Twitching this way and that at small sounds, her white-tipped 
    ears betray her energetic nature, though the right refuses to stand straight, 
    dropping slightly. Her fur grows longer on her head, appearing more like hair 
    which she carefully styles into a short pixie-cut. Drawing th eye to her pretty, 
    heart shaped face, her slitted eyes are a beautiful sky-blue that slowly 
    transitions to a glittering gold around the pupils. Her delicate features more 
    closely resemble a human's, with a petite nose, surrounded by a scattering of 
    whiskers, and pale lips. One gently pointed canine always seems to find its way 
    past her lip, giving her a lop-sided smile almost constantly. Starting at her 
    eyebrows, her orangish-red fur gives way to snowy-white, forming a mask upon her 
    face. The colour continues down her neck, expanding at her collarbones to create 
    an oval of white on her chest. With minimal curves, she is noticably fit, with 
    an athletic figure. A long, white-tipped tail extends from her lower back, 
    moving about with boundless energy, even in sleep.

    Character Personality:

    Generally cheery, low self esteem depending upon the moment, unknowingly flirtatious, inquisitive, kind, distrustful of others, fairly shy(though that depends on if she is the center of attention or not, and if she likes a guy). Fidgets with her lop sided ear a lot out of shyness.

    Notable things:

     a front-laced snug doeskin shirt:
    Form fitting, this soft doeskin top hugs the wearer's curves, smoothly fitting 
    against her skin. Extending just over her waist, the shirt is laced up the front 
    by a silk cord dyed to appear like the leather surrounding it. Laced up it 
    reveals tantalizing snippets of the skin below, the cord running down through 
    small loops sewn into the fabric. A sensual V-neck collar dips down to reveal 
    just enough of the curve of its wearer's breasts to be enticing yet remains 
    easily within the realms of decency. Twin stylistic brands have lightly touched 
    the front, the twin sensuous lines caressing the breasts before sweeping down 
    the stomach and smoothly flowing and tapering at the hips.

    a long coat of blood red leather:
    This full length leather coat has been fashioned from the finest
    wyrmskin available and is designed to allow for freedom of movement
    during combat while resisting the wear of extended travel. The colour is
    so dark that it appears to be almost black, but close inspection reveals
    that it has been treated with a mysterious process that gives it the
    colour and sheen of drying blood. It falls down from the shoulders to
    the heels, covering the entire figure of the wearer and has been
    perfectly tailored to accent the wearer's form. A high collar of black
    suede covers the neck to the jaw line and is embellished with silver
    thread in an intricate web pattern. The collar is bound together at the
    throat with a small silver clasp crafted in the form of an open hand on
    which rests a black spider. Thick thorny vines have been prominently
    embroidered into the leather using gold bullion. They entwine about both
    arms ending with embellished thorns encircling the cuffs. A row of
    closely set buttons carved from ivory close the garment from waist to
    neck, each carved in the shape of a closed fist. The lower half of the
    coat covers the legs and is embellished with silver thread sewn in the
    shape of dozens of spiders which almost appear to scurry across the
    leather as it moves with the motion of the wearer.

    a rugged pair of rich brown trousers:
    Ruggedly tailored with the outdoorsman in mind these trousers of rich brown 
    canvas are double stitched at the seams and have the added value of double knees.
     Though snug at the waist and hips the legs are loose fitting, allowing for deep 
    cuffs for wading the waterways that outdoorsmen love so much.

    strong brown hiking boots:
    Strong brown leather has been beaten into a pair of hardy hiking boots that can 
    withstand the battering of even the most stubborn terrain. Steel has been 
    inserted into the toe caps and the heel, ensuring that the exploring feet of 
    this elite Achaean Ranger will be well protected. The boots stretch up to around 
    halfway up the calf, laced with a criss-cross of cord and hemmed at the top with 
    a double-layer of the same thick brown leather.

     a steel chain backstrap:
    Sewn onto a backing of black leather, links of blued steel form a sturdy chain 
    along a backstrap designed to be worn diagonally from shoulder to hip. 
    Contrasting sharply with the dark alloy, silver-etched whorls and loops trace an 
    erratic and endless pattern around each individual link. Blackened steel hooks 
    fasten securely to the chain and may be detached at will, allowing for easy 
    adjustment to the size of the owner's shield.

     a rugged brown leather scabbard:Dark brown leather and black accents characterise this extraordinary scabbard. A 
    black leather belt weaves through the brown body near the throat to create a 
    strong bond at the upper attachment. Another strip of fine black leather loops 
    around the scabbard to form a lower belt attachment, allowing the assembly to 
    hang at the ideal angle on the hip. An expertly tooled hammer in the foreground 
    of a mountain hangs poised in exquisite detail between the belt attachments, a 
    testament to the time and care put into the piece. The single seam in the 
    leather is held securely together with black leather stitching and hidden on the 
    reverse side of the scabbard, resulting in an uninterrupted flow of exceptional 
    craftsmanship. Polished to a mirror finish, a chape of strong, silvery alloy 
    affixes to the end, protecting it from damage and completing the handsome look 
    of the finished piece. The throat has been reinforced to withstand countless 
    drawings and sheathings, a clear indication that this piece, while elegant, is 
    also designed for heavy use. Lightly oiled wool lines the inside, ensuring a 
    smooth, silent draw.

    a jade necklace(necklace a dear friend gave to her):
    This delicate necklace is a string of jade beads strung on a silver wire. Spaced 
    in between each bead is a smaller bead of silver.

    an unobtrusive silver ring set with a black pearl(Family Ring):
    A simple unbroken circle of silver forms the body of this ring. Perfectly smooth,
     the pale metal band is broken only by a single black pearl. The pearl, set in a 
    manner that is decidedly unobtrusive, is strikingly handsome, its dark surface 
    amplified by the silver into which it has been set.

    a winged ring with a two-toned heart(engagement ring from her ex fiance):
    An enchanting twinkle gleams from this unique ring. Two gemstones, a ruby and a 
    sapphire, have been masterfully cut to form two halves of the heart centred on 
    the band. Rose gold filigree shaped into a wreath forms the base, the heart 
    resting inside. The band itself is silver, a beautiful wing design that 
    stretches out from the filigree, crossing at the wingtips, narrowing slightly 
    opposite from the two-tone gem. Tiny diamonds dot the filigree, lending a shiny, 
    enchanting look to the uniqueness of the ring.

    Bard's flute(mother gave this to her. was her mother's):
    A small, highly polished, wooden flute shows evidence of careful but plain 
    craftsmanship. Every hole, every notch is placed and shaped perfectly, but 
    without the excesses of ornamentation so common elsewhere.

    Sorry! tons of stuff...

  • Character Name:  Alrena

    Character Description

    She is a beautiful siren that stands a height of five and a half feet. She holds her slender, 
    athletic form elegantly enough to add command to her slight height. Accompanied by a graceful side 
    braid, her wavy chestnut-coloured hair is tied into a high ponytail while an elegant sideswept 
    fringe frames her delicate features. Thin eyebrows compliment her confident, hazel eyes. The tips of 
    her ears can be seen poking from the top of her hair, the rest tucked behind the gentle locks. Other 
    clear signs of her lineage are clear, from her elegant movements to her graceful stride to her 
    softly-tanned complexion. Partially obscured by her fringe is a crude, jagged scar on the left side 
    of her neck. 

    Character Personality:  

    Cheeky, Confident

    Notable Things

    an elegant gown in shades of purple and silver

    This gown is made of deep purple silk and silver embroidery. The bodice features a wide scooping 
    neckline trimmed in black lace, lacing up in the back with a beautiful silver ribbon. Intricately 
    and with the most dedicated care, small purple flowers have been sewn along its length. The skirt of 
    the gown tumbles to the wearer's feet, pooling slightly upon the ground. All over the skirt, silk 
    thread the colour of liquid platinum has been painstakingly embroidered into the shape of stars and 
    crescent moons. Under the skirt is a silver silk lining, peeking out occasionally as the wearer 

    a silver atavian feather locket

    This graceful silver locket is slender enough to fit into a siren's palm. Elegant in appearance, the 
    shape and size of the locket is reminiscent of a male atavian feather. The edges of this locket's 
    exterior have been etched with lines, akin to a feather's vane. Continuing the illusion, a slender 
    line of inlaid sapphire along the locket emulates a feather's rachis and shimmers in the faintest 
    presence of light. At the rear end of the locket, afterfeathers fade into tiny silver leaves 
    interlinked to form a slender chain. The length of this elegant chain has been measured to rest the 
    locket close to its intented bearer's heart when worn.

    a violet ring reminiscent of falling petals:

    Two intertwined silver vines form the band of this graceful ring. The silver vines appear lifelike 
    in detail, from the leaves, to the way they crisscross around each other. Embedded in between the 
    hollows where the silver vines intertwine are scatterings of brilliant, miniature amethysts cut into 
    the shape of falling cherry petals. The cherry petals appear to be windblown and along with the 
    realism of the silver vines, lends to the lifelike imagery this ring casts. Hidden from view, a tiny 
    feather has been etched beneath the band.

    a slender staff wreathed in wildflowers :

    Looking like a slender branch picked up from the ground, this four-foot long staff lacks the 
    straight, carved look of other elemental staves. A layer of velvety green moss protects the sturdy 
    bark sheathing the exterior of this weapon, giving it a verdant appearance. Entwined around the 
    entirety of the staff, slender, thriving stems spiral upwards in a flourish of dark green tendrils 
    which overlay the bark like lace. At the end of the staff, marking this weapon as still one with 
    Nature, a profusion of colourful wildflowers sprout. Entwined in perfect harmony, a fiery red rose 
    sits between a cheerful yellow tulip and a dark purple orchid, while a beautiful but deadly ice 
    white snowblossom offsets the vibrant colours.

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