Madden 15

Any y'all got Madden 15 on PS3? Anyone finna get down on a connected franchise with some fellow Achaeans?
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  • What difficulty? Normal or fantasy draft? Sliders? Any Rules? And so on. I have the game, but I don't play it much just because I feel it's heavily inferior to 25, but I can dust it off and see if I can actually get some semblance of a defense working.

  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    What did you like more about 25?

    My general setup is as follows, but I'm down to try w/e.

    1-4 people, pick a division and play against one another within the division. With playoffs, it's 2-3 games against the other player per season, which I dig. 

    Fantasy draft, All-Pro difficulty, sliders normal, no salary cap, is how I usually go. 
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  • I'll throw down what I see as the Pro/Cons between the two:

    Madden 15 (Assuming All-Madden)

    Having a good OL is imporant.
    Passing is toned down from M25.
    Running is toned down heavily.
    Zones play better on defense.

    Power backs were nerfed a bit too much. Almost never truck with Lynch and co.
    The game is a port from Xb1 and PS4,
    As such, it's missing defensive playmaking features that you really need.
    It's -extremely- hard to get a pass rush in the game.
    It's now extremely hard to manually cover, because of the way defenders can't turn very well.
    Man coverage is essentially worthless unless your Sea (even then it's not great).

    Madden 25 (All-Madden)

    Somewhat consistent defense is very realistic.
    You can actually tell the difference between a power vs speed back.

    Turbo blitzes
    Rushing is overpowered.
    Outdated rosters
    Can use nobodies at OL

    These are just the things I've noticed. I've probably got less than 100 hours into the new Madden, but I've put at least 20 days into Madden 25.  I've never tried 15 on All-Pro though, so that could make it a bit easier to get something from a pass rush. 

    I typically play standard take a team and play or a heavily restricted fantasy draft, but I'd be down with a normal one. I'd like to keep the salary cap though. No point in drafting/developing if you can throw infinite money around to get whoever you want.

  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    Alright. I'll get a league started up later then. Maybe we can convince another Achaean or few to join. 

    What division do you want to play in/what team do you want to be? 
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  • I'm going to take a raincheck on it for a few days. I want to tinker with the all-pro setting to see if I'm going to enjoy playing it or not. 

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