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Mudlet 3.0 button toolbar

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Does anyone else use the button toolbar feature of mudlet? I've been using it as a shortcut for my cooking cause I can never remember the ingredients or design codes. But...

It tends to act up when you try to create it as a floating window. It doesn't create any problems when you set it as docked, but that messes up the layout of my GUI and I don't want a menu perpetually hovering at me all the time. I have it toggled with an alias.

Ideally it should look like this

However, for some bizarro reason, it tends to create an extra space that's roughly the same size of the largest/longest button. Normally it appears at the bottom like so. But when/if you have multiple columns it can appear at random extremities of the window as it attempts to rearrange/align the buttons:

It gets pretty messed up when you start making adjustments to the stylesheet. You can resize this window vertically until the last usable button (for the life of me, I can't figure out if I can add a scrollbar to this), so you can actually make the extra space disappear. But you can't resize the window horizontally, so if you make a mistake while adjusting the stylesheet, this window can actually balloon grotesquely sideways and you can't fix it without restarting mudlet:

The other thing that bothers me is this:

While I was thinking of how to reorganise the menu, I experimented with using the dropdown menu instead. It does this:

Okay it's sort of doing what it's supposed to do, but it bothers the hell out of me that instead of the dropdown list appearing directly, you click on the dropdown box (which says menu) and it reveals a primary option (also menu; it's the exact same 'folder' by the way) before actual dropdown list appears. 

The funny thing is, looking at the instructional guides on the button toolbar in the Mudlet site, the old version of this toolbar seemed to be set up/working better than the current one. It even had a custom layout table :/

I'm probably just gonna go back to my columns and try not to mess things up too much. But I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or guide on how to do this more efficiently since it's a list that will potentially expand indefinitely.

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