GUI for sale

Given the new Battlerage system I decided to update my GUI for sale.

Features Included

  • Selectable Chat Capture windows
  • Mini map window
  • Ocean Map window
  • Health and Mana bars
  • Balance and Equilibrium Green/Red light ups
  • GUI auto adjusts for your screen
  • Layout and windows can be easily changed by you
  • Elixir List tracking window
  • Up to 13 Targets saved for easy target switching
  • GMCP bar that displays any information about your character you want
  • Battlerage Timers light up when you have enough rage
  • Battlerage Timers show time until skill is ready for use again
  • Battlerage Timers are clickable to use skill on current target
  • Extra tracking window currently shows changes to health/mana
  • Extra tracking window can also show afflictions you've gained or cured

Cost for the GUI:

50 credits


  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Don't suppose we could work out something cheaper for just your battlerage timers, eh?
    Huh. Neat.
  • edited May 2015
    The template is easy to change just like the other GUI I did awhile back. The screenshot below was made from the this template by just downloading and adding a piece of art and moving a few elements around

  • edited May 2015
    That is pretty cool. I have to admit that my current GUI is a mashup of a lot of code from an aetolia GUI and some code you wrote for your seafaring GUI with some other stuff I have made work over the months/years.

    I can't really code so my biggest achievement was making geyser all work so I could have my main window, chat window and the mini map switch between the mudlet mapper and the wilderness map when ever I was on a ship or in the wilderness.

    Mine is functional but not as stylish as yours. Congrats on the good work though!

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