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I've done what was recommended and made a few characters with different classes too see which one "feels right" or you know, just fits well with how I want to play. 

I just had a question about alchemist. I was told that with knight classes that the diminishing returns on strength meant that it really wasn't worth using race specialisation/traits to go over 14 and that those would be better off being spent in con.

Is that the same for intelligence with alchemists? Would it be better to pick the con build?

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  • VayneVayne Rhode Island
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    Alchemists only really use INT for educing iron as far as I know, and its not usually the focus of their offense anyway. Formulation is completely unaffected by stats, and I do not believe homunculi use it either. It helps to have a bit more mana/wp, but CON is definitely more useful I'd say.


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    That answers it perfectly + the other questions I had just thought up as well. I think you read my mind

    ... or else I'm just a predictable noob  :p
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