Another... help a newbie with her class selection!

So here's the game that I am sure you are all very, very familiar (and probably sick of):

I'm going to tell you how I want to develop my character and you'll all pick a good class for me! Or at least give me good ideas with justifications!

Thank you so much in advance. I know this must be repetitive for you but I really appreciate the time you take to answer this post.

I have made myself an Atavian Apostate in Mhaldor. I'm not 100% set on any of these things right now.

I chose Mhaldor because of delicious flavour. There is a lot of opportunity here to develop here and to really get into RP i think. I would change if there was a better class from me that wasn't allowed in Mhaldor though.

Atavian because I like to fly an I didn't think most of the classes had a flying ability. My second choice would be dwarf because I'd like to play a dwarf character.

Now to class: Apostate is really just because it suited with being in Mhaldor perfectly but as I said, I'm open to changing it. In the future I want to focus mainly on hunting and seafaring. I want to use fishing and ship trades to earn most of my gold and then put all that gold into credits to up my skills. I do want to learn how to be useful in group situations for defense but I'm not going to be going out of my way to start fights or getting involved in 1v1 until much later down the track. 

Any advice or recommendations would be most welcome. Please ask if anything is unclear and I will do my best to clarify. 

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  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria
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    You can make as many characters as you want in Achaea. Why don't you create a few and try out the classes/houses/cities/races etc you are curious about? They should all be pretty even when it comes to hunting these days, and seafaring is not restricted to class/city (more dependent on lessons and gold).


  • Hey, well it seems like you've picked all you need to accomplish those goals you have set.. Apostate is great for Mhaldor and for PvP even if you don't want to fight at top levels.. why consider a class change if not for RP reasons?
  • I should rephrase the question...

    Based on what I want to do (primarily hunting, get into seafaring early, and being able to help out in defense if needed). What do people recommend as good class for that. I.e. have to trans only one class skill (or even not even trans it) and then move over to seafaring and not be totally useless when I go hunting/in defense?
  • Okay, I'll just play around a bit
  • KerriaKerria The Red Lioness
    Runewarden sword and board sounds more like what you're looking for, maybe.
  • Well if you can only trans one skill it might be smart to pick a class that can hunt well.. monk tekura isgood but the defense stuff from kaido dedefinitely makes things easier.. could just rune up.. infernal is nice with good stuff low in necromancy that help, good weapons and armour could replace some skill levels.. but don't expect to get rich hunting unless you party up and have lots of time, runes are def good but if you can't get them as a skill cause you have no lessons so you could just get runes from other players instead.. I don't know if any of this helps.. it's real basic knowledge reallly
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