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  • Probably have to use darkshade. Would look something like this:

    Curare/darkshade - target cures both

    Curare/darkshade - target cures paralysis

    Curare/kalmia - target cures paralysis and asthma

    Curare/euphorbia - target cures paralysis

    Curare/kalmia - target cures paralysis and asthma

    Curare/vardrax - target cures paralysis

    Curare/kalmia - target switches prio to ginseng to stop from dying to darkshade, eats two ginseng

    Gecko/(ginseng aff probably) - target eats another ginseng

    snap impatience


    I'm assuming two herb eats every other dstab because it seemed to happen a lot in your log. You probably sometimes get two dstabs in a row where the target only gets one herb eat, which would make this a lot easier. Same basic idea, though. How exactly it works out will obviously also depend on how exactly your opponent does their prios.

  • Weariness > fitness
  • For classes without instant-impatience, sticking weariness is impossible without a focus stack or impatience.

    Serpent would need to load up focusables before weariness/snap, or apply after snap.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • @Xinna, excellent answer. Though Amranu's answer is simpler, I feel like yours was more helpful for a conceptual learner like myself.

  • @Xinna I did a little more practicing, on an opponent without a super fast tree recovery, or fitness or anything. But I'm locking a lot more consistently by doing curare/darkshade before the curare/kalmia, so THANK YOU. My next real challenge is rebounding. I can flay right before I start, but my problem is when I get to about my fourth dstab or so, the rebounding comes up -right- before I stab them, and I hit it and lose all my momentum. I could probably automate something to prepend flay instead, but I'd rather not do that. My thought, though is, if I start with curare/kalmia, then do one of curare/xentio and into the curare/darkshade, and curare/kalmia, snap, gecko/slike like normal. I feel like if I do the xentio, they're forced to wait another three seconds or so to smoke, and then hopefully by that time I'll be able to get a few more stabs in, and hopefully it will shift it enough for me to have time to flay and then stab.

    Is this a good idea? Or what other tips do you guys have for dealing with rebounding/shielding?
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    Rebounding: It's not usually necessary to flay it. You can let them bring it down on their own and either begin your setup right when they do (if you can fit your setup in one rebounding cycle like that) or begin your setup with a few dstabs before rebounding comes up, but nothing dangerous (no snapping or anything), let the target feel comfortable and still bring rebounding down on their own, then turn it into a kill. If you do need to flay, same basic advice as for shield below.

    Shield: Depends what stage of your offense you are at. If you are burying afflictions like asthma, darkshade, and clumsy under curare, and they shield, you just flay curare and you should be able to maintain your momentum. If they shield right when you snap, before you finish your lock, then what you flay will depend on where you are in the lock and what your target prioritises. If they prioritize impatience, and you haven't stuck gecko, you might have to flay aconite so that when they eat goldenseal, it has a 50% chance of not curing impatience, and then you can gecko/slike immediately after to finish the lock. If you are doing something like the setup I showed above that ends in vernalius/slike, you'd just flay slike, and then add vernalius after. They can't fitness while off eq from shield, so it works the same.

  • Ahh, I was talking about the rebounding with them just sitting there, but that does make sense that they'll bring it down usually. My only problem then is dealing with their hindering, like paralysis and other annoying afflictions. I feel like that's just a practice thing, though, right?
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