Best class for group combat

One of my favorite things in games like this is group combat.  I like to play support, healer, etc.  

1v1 duels are kind of nice, but I mainly use them to learn how to hold my own and survive in case I get isolated.  It's certainly not something I would specialize in.  I also like to roleplay and get immersed in my character.  I don't mind the bashing tedium because I can do it occasionally for a half hour here and there on my smart phone.

What would be the best class for me to play?  Flavor is less important.  Not saying it isn't important, but I literally feel like I can assume the role of anything, be it Priest, Sylvan, Monk, or Occultist.  What's the best class for someone who wants to focus on a support role in group PvP?


  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    Jester or Priest gets my vote
  • Apostate/Priest. Priest slightly better because of deliver/healing/misc rites
  • Abostate is the best class in Achlaea

  • Priest. Buffs, heals, saving people from harm, healing their afflictions, placing rites that give support to all allies in the room, the ability to pull enemy groups into the room with your allies, reporting on location of enemies, and a pretty sick insta-kill.

    And if you're isolated, you're a nightmare to kill because you're so defensive.

  • HalosHalos The Reaches
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    If you like to play support/healer, priest is an obvious choice, though not the only one.

    It has reliable location reporting, customizable room hindrance, spot healing support, damage mitigation, fast remote rescue, quick on-site resurrection (whether person has prayed or not), third-person shielding, moderate rng affliction delivery. Beckon. Its mobility isn't great, but with prep time can make up for it with strategic rite placement in a limited area. Up there next to monk in terms of information warfare. No assembly required. Comes with its own weapon. No comms or tedious gathering or large purchases needed except armor (which is cheaper these days) and maybe a shield. Great bashing at lower levels, ok mid-level, ramps up again later. Strongly- aligned RP class with fairly consistent flavor across the board.

    Drawbacks are no offensive range, faction oversight on your skills, limited, somewhat linear kill methods, and you can only play it in one city now.

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  • I'd probably really enjoy being a support-role group fighter. Hrm..

  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
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    Apostate is by far the best class. Such variety in kill methods. Have to force people to watch multiple tactics, that are almost impossible to defend against.

     Jesters dont get kills in raids, but they help everyone else get kills. But if you show up as the only jester in your group your suppirting role will be to die first because everyone will target you first. Targetting an apostate first means having to kill them 3 or 4 times to get through apathy and soulcage, so you will be even.more frustrating to fight.


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  • Apostate or Priest, prob. Jester is highly overrated in groups, but very dominant in 1v1. 
  • Sounds like Jester is the answer, but they are so valuable that they are generally targeted first.  Priests and Apostates are good too, with apostates really good at killing and priests really good at surviving.  There also seems to be a weird meme/inside joke going around about apostates.

    That sound about right?
  • Jester is good, but I find that Occultist is better and way more satisfying to play. It still has aeon, but it also gets tons of kills with very good unartied damage. It also has doppleganger aeon which is pretty much unparalleled. I'll agree with the others who've said Apostate and Priest, because they're very useful whilst also being resilient and providing good utility. Solid shoutout for Druid and Sentinel, too.
  • I feel like Jester is so overrated because its survivability is pretty meh. Unless you've invested a crap ton into artefacts and have 6k+ hp, SoA, max dexterity/avoidance and so on, you'll die almost as soon as you're targeted. It just so happens you'll also be the first targeted, so your impact will be very minimal. This is much less pronounced in a 1v1 as they have indefinite stalling mechanisms and can survive a lot of punishment in such a setting. 

    Apostates have Apathy, which makes them immune to death for around ten seconds, which practically means that they'll be useful for at least that amount of time. They have a massive amount of ways to kill and secure kills for others, are highly versatile, and are innately very tanky. Priests are very much the same except instead of having Apathy, their innate tankiness is higher. 

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