Howto get from Trader's Walk to Pygmy Village ?


I was going to Pygmy Village to do a quest there.
Then I died and respawned a totally different place.

So, how do I get from Trader's Walk to Pygmy Village ?

I would really appreciate any help.


  • You can use LANDMARKS to be able to WALK TO <location> to navigate around Achaea. The list has areas like the cities, newbie areas (pygmy village is located here) and other common areas. You could also use WALK to <denizen> if you know who you are looking for. Hope that helps. :smile: 

  • You can also use PORTALS until level 21, and an unlimited times before level 11. Those let you get to all the newbie areas and cities almost instantly.
  • SybillaSybilla London
    If you are within 100 paces of the location you want to get to, you can use the LANDMARKS in order to WALK TO PYGMIES.

    Bear in mind, however, that the path taken is not always safe. You might cross waterways (risk of drowning), or aggressive denizens which afflict, or other environmental mishaps... Generally speaking, if you use PORTALS from where you are and then WALK TO PYGMIES it will bypass the more treacherous areas on the way.

    Since, as Ayami mentions, PORTALS are a limited resource, it's a good idea to start learning your way around and mitigate the possible dangers of your environment:

    - The serverside curing system will automatically take care of healing you as you take damage. Make sure you have a couple health and mana vials with you, and start gathering curatives (herbs or minerals):

    CURING ON will turn the system on for you

    CURING SIPPING ON will make sure you sip health or mana as necessary

    CURING SIPHEALTH 80 tells the system to sip health when it falls below 80% (you can configure it to a different number depending on what you're comfortable with)

    CURING SIPMANA 80 will do the same for mana

    CURING AFFLICTIONS ON will heal your afflictions by sipping elixirs/applying salves/outrifting herbs or minerals and eating them depending on what you are afflicted with (provided you have the necessary cures of course)

    CURING TRANSMUTATION ON will use minerals. OFF will use herbs.

    That should take care of your health as you wander about, hopefully making you a bit more resilient and less likely to die!

    - Waterwalking footwear will help you walk above water rather than swim through it, which should help against possibility of drowning. You can either find an adventurer-ran shop that sells waterwalking footwear (normally it's listed as one of the 'headings'), or you can acquire a pair of shoes/boots/slippers/sandals/clogs and recite a scroll with the waterwalking enchantment of it (also sold at certain adventurer shops).

    Alternatively, ask someone in your city/House to help you find a pair of waterwalking shoes :)

    Travel safe, hope this helps!

  • Thank you so much all :smile: 
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