cant seem to get the baner to work correctly. Any suggestions here please ?


  • anyone ?

  • RaemRaem Los Angeles
    edited May 2015

    When you type BANNERCODE you will get a list of options. Choose the one you want (small, medium, or large) and copy the whole thing, from <a href to /a>. Make sure you're putting the information into the html editor (the </> symbol) and not just the normal text editor. Save and it should appear in the plain text editor correctly. Also, choose the HTML code, not the BBCode.

    I hope this is what you meant lol.
  • seems im just stupid
  • @Brissan

    Try this one -

    Not sure if its the best solution but this is how i got it to work for mine

  • HalosHalos The Reaches
    Yes, that worked for me.

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  • thank you will give it a try

  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    don't feel bad brissan, i can't get it to work either. :(
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  • HalosHalos The Reaches
    1. In game, type BANNERCODE.
    2. Pick large, medium, or small. Copy it. 
    3. go to main site (
    4. My Account -> Edit tab.
    5. Go to signature settings. Click html. Paste the banner code into the window that pops up the click update.
    6. Make sure enable rich-text box is checked on just below it.
    7. The code will show the image. Copy the picture.
    8. Go back to your profile on achaea forums, find the signature tab.
    9. Paste the image.

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  • doesn't seem to be working but ill keep trying
  • SybillaSybilla London
    Try this, @Brissan -

    The code you'd need to paste is:

     <div class="post-text-align-center"><img alt="" src=""></div>

    And you can change where it says "small" to "medium" or "large" I think.
  • thank you
  • woot woot
  • HalosHalos The Reaches
    woot woot

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  • Woohoo! I finally got it to work!
  • good stuff
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