HTML5 Spiritlore GUI

In part to get more familiar with using the tab functions (thanks again @Keneanung) and jquery, I wrote a GUI for managing Spiritlore.

Important: This only works for the "newclient".

To install: download and unzip the file, click the little gear in the lower-right corner of the HTML5 client, go to the Reflex Packages tab, and drag the .js file into the indicated spot.

To use:
  • Each time you log in, the first time you use "commune" (no need to sit), it will start up the GUI
  • Clicking a spirit when you're not communing will toggle tether (indicated by cyan)
  • Clicking a spirit while you're communing will cycle like so: bind (indicated by orange) -> attune (indicated by red) -> unbind
  • You can change bindings without the GUI too - it'll still keep track of everything just fine
  • In the screenshot above, I have no other tabs in that container, but it'll play nice with other tabs (and doing "commune" will automatically switch to it)
  • Hovering over the spirits will give you a tooltip with the syntax for their invocation and a reminder of the relevant attune passive


  • impressive work!

    2015/01/12 Tecton, the Terraformer has bestowed His divine favour upon you. It will last for approximately 1 Achaean month.
  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    Nice work!
  • New version!
    • Now uses the new custom tab function, so it'll load the tab on load, no need to commune first!
    • If you have 5 spirits bound and click another, it will tether/untether it, no need to stop communing first (if you unbind something, you can convert a tether to a bind too).
    • You can now configure the colours it uses, just look at the top of onLoad.
    • You can now configure which container you want it to appear in, also at the top of onLoad.
    Important note: If you don't have Mastery in Spiritlore, you need to go to the top of onLoad and change max_attuned to 1.
  • That last one accidentally included a test alias.

    Here's the real version - likely the last unless the client gets updated and it breaks.
  • Okay, for real this time. Final version. Bugs removed, colours more thematically appropriate, the 20 event handlers have been turned into 1 that delegates appropriately, it'll fix itself if your client crashes (i.e., you log in with things already bound), and it'll update itself if you do SPIRIT BINDINGS.
  • Cleared up two small bugs, added a workaround for the client bug where commands send from click handlers trigger aliases, made it slightly more efficient, and chose better default colours.

    This should be the final version. For real. For really real.
  • I like it.
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