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Hey guys,

Since we've got Celani applications open once again, I've opened up this thread for all of your questions regarding the program and/or life in the Garden. Naturally, you may not want to ask your questions publicly, so feel free to drop me a private forum message, in-game message, or email (tecton@achaea.com).

All of these discussions got you interested in applying? See ANNOUNCE 4328 for all of the details.

Let the questions begin!


  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    Additionally, HERE is a link to a previous Q+A thread about the program that may serve to answer your questions or serve as inspiration for your next one!
  • Hi. I can't code my way out of a wet paper bag and if my scripts touch a nest of baby birds, the mother will abandon them.

    Is it worth the time and effort to apply?

  • Anything that requires coding is learned as a Celani. We've definitely had volunteers who've never coded before become really proficient! It's a pretty time-tested process, and Celani tend to do well learning the different steps. In addition, the whole team is here to help as our new volunteers learn.
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    If that's the only thing holding you back, go for it! There's not a lot of programming involved in the process (and we'll provide all of the training you require for the basic scripting needed to make AI for denizens and the like).
  • RuthRuth Singapore
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    Assuming we make your way out of Celanihood into Demigod, how much freedom are we given in terms of interacting with players via mobs and hosting IC events (within reason and without being related to any org)?
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    @Ruth There's oversight required through both celani and demigod, but eventing and interaction is hugely encouraged, the more the better.

    The more a celani/demigod puts in, the more they get out of the experience.
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    Also, how much leeway/freedom is given to rewrite things?

    For instance, Sartan used to have less stalagmites and daemonites and more bloodsteel twisted limb thingies. That changed and was awesome, but is there a set canon/fluff that has to be adhered to (beyond, you know, Sartan is Evil and not the God of Sweaters)?

  • @Arditi this is very dependent on the what and the why. Gods, for instance, keep track of things important to their role, symbology, preferred materials, etc, to try and keep a sense of continuation. These things can be altered but it would require a very good reason and often playing out ICly (see my transition from Enlightenment to Jade Empress for an example.)

    I'd hate to say definitively either way, Achaea is a living, evolving world and we all have to keep up.

  • I've always wondered:

    - why is the room building an application requirement?
    - is there a Celani path where you don't become a god? i.e. some sort of project manager type Celani
    - are there time minimum/maximum time requirements?

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    @Arditi Gods are given a lot of freedom with their roles. It largely comes down to how it works in the game. Gods make adjustments to their "bling" all the time, but the key is largely in how you do so. We work as a team in general, so we're always running our plans by one another. But, you pinned a good example on the nose with the aesthetic changes to Sartan. Things like that are fairly common!

  • @Tekk
    - Writing capability is important and the building portion of the application allows us to assess where an applicant is at with their skills, how much care they take, and how well they understand the style and guidelines for public writing in Achaea. The game is in text, so everything we do is written.
    - Not really, active Gods add to the world, and give a lot of players a reason to play. We can be a big draw, and being a God is the fun part for us, it's important that volunteers enjoy their time spent.
    - Loosely estimating: being able to make12 hours a week is a minimum investment expected of a Celani/Demigod.

  • OceanaOceana North Sea
    I wonder about the flawless descriptions too, but in the sense where someone may have awesome ideas, but isn't 100% flawless in their writing. Are there any language tests besides the required room descriptions and event proposal?
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    @Oceana ; no particular language tests. Like @Lorielan mentioned above, we're looking for attention to detail and ability to create things through writing. It's always a learning process, and part of Celani training is breaking old habits and forming new ones that are consistent with Achaean style guidelines as necessary. Was there something more specific you were wondering about language?

    Edit: @ Oceana As an add on, everything written by Celani and demigods in the Garden is proofread by someone. Gods in general show one another things because extra eyes are always helpful.
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    I have heard people turned down for reasons ranging from "not enough IC interaction" to "too much IC interaction" to "Not enough friends IG" to "Too many friends IG." I understand that a certain skill set is required in order to be able to work on a team, but how much attention is paid to IC interactions / social skill set when those might very well be a function of role play and not fully (or truly) reflect on the player behind the character?

    (I just had this image of a new Celani being told they could not interact with anybody with whom they share a bloodline and Beldaran looking at y'all like, "Uh, really?")

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  • Adding on to @Sartan's comment, @Oceana - you will find that over time your writing will naturally improve. Tricks you learn as a celani you will find are second nature soon enough. For instance, I look back on some of the things I wrote in my application or as a new celani and cringe - you are always evolving! It is actually quite interesting and satisfying to me to see how far I have come. 

    A big a-ha moment for me was this: when I was brand brand new, I would be tasked to make something and it may have taken me an hour to a day with many rewrites. Then one day later as a celani/early demi, I had an opportunity to create something on the fly for a little mini event, and I wrote it up in minutes and it was pretty great and I was able to use it as the event went on without coming back to it later. Even if it seems overwhelming, if you love what you are doing (and we all do) then it just becomes easier and easier over time!
  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    - It seems like most of the current Pantheon is either active or semi-active. Approximately what percentage of Celani manage to actually take up God roles?

    - What drove you (gods) to pick your particular God role, if you don't mind my asking?
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  • @Prythe I can't really address things you may have heard from unnamed people, but it is important that celani are able to and that they do separate from their ties in the playerbase in order to wholly embrace the transition from player perspective to that of the creator role.

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    I've no plans on applying yet, but Aodfi's question prompted me to want to ask: Which God roles are even open? I mean, I can make some sound guesses, I just suppose I'm wondering what you have "available", in general, at the moment.
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  • Melodie said:
    I've no plans on applying yet, but Aodfi's question prompted me to want to ask: Which God roles are even open? I mean, I can make some sound guesses, I just suppose I'm wondering what you have "available", in general, at the moment.
    I can hazard at least two guesses. But YOU'RE not allowed near either of them. :D<3
  • Well, I'm not sure if I want to go for Celani. I'm sure you gods know how great my English is... /s

    2015/01/12 Tecton, the Terraformer has bestowed His divine favour upon you. It will last for approximately 1 Achaean month.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Have you ever had it happen than two or more applicants were pretty dead set in taking the same God role?

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  • @Aodfionn I, like @Lorielan, struggled as well. I think it is not uncommon that someone goes into this thinking "I really wanna be <thisone>!" and then chooses a different role, and the reasons are so varied. 

    But c'mon. Artemis is badass. You know this! I get to blow shit up and blame it on "Nature". Who wouldn't want that?
  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
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    Artemis said:
    @Aodfionn I, like @Lorielan, struggled as well. I think it is not uncommon that someone goes into this thinking "I really wanna be <thisone>!" and then chooses a different role, and the reasons are so varied. 

    But c'mon. Artemis is badass. You know this! I get to blow shit up and blame it on "Nature". Who wouldn't want that?

    The only struggle I would understand is why anyone wouldn't want to be Artemis. 

    To further elaborate: In your opinions, what makes people good at their God role? Are certainly people just drawn to certain types of roles? 

    I'm sitting here wondering how the process goes, and just kind of trying to figure out what separates the future Prosperos and Kastalias of the world from the future Babels/Deucalions/etc.
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  • @Aodfionn It really does come down to volunteer preference! I might have equally been happy playing Prospero, dripping with amazing bling. But, I was drawn to Sartan's lore and story. I haven't regretted my decision once. As you consider your roles, there is plenty of opportunity to ask deeper questions about how the role is generally played, where there's room for change, and what space that God occupies in the Bigger Picture of Achaea.
  • - How long is this current window open? Is it a set time, or as soon as you get x number of apps, you won't accept more?

    - What number of applications do you normally get, and how many of those end up successful?

    - Would you say these are ad hoc opportunities, or is there always room for more Celani (and semi-regular calls to recruit them)?

    - Should applicants have a possible God role in mind? What happens if they clash (more than one applicant vying for it)? Is 'graduation' to God the end goal, or are there 'roadies' Celani/Demigods whose sole role is to help things get done without a big public persona?

    - What sort of things/tasks go into Celani training? I understand you probably can't disclose the intimate process, but it may be interesting to have an idea of what's expected going in.

    - Can you go back to mortal Achaea if you decide it's not for you?

    Sorry I'm getting overexcited, thank you!
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