Does anybody know Revelation (person)?

Per recent changes, only shop owners can pay taxes. 
Revelation is dormant and left me in charge of paying the taxes for the shop he bought for the Guardians of Moghedu clan. He'll be under the impression that all is well, since I've remained semi-active to keep taxes paid and everything. I've messaged a few times since he occasionally pops in, but no replies in the last few weeks.

It's nearing overdue so it's basically going to be closed if nothing happens. Does anyone know a way to contact him outside the game?

"4/25/18:11 Greetings! Regarding your issue #72594: I'm afraid there is not much 
that we can do regarding Revelation's shop used by the GoM. We will try to give 
you some notice to clear out the stock in the event that Revelation does not 
return and pay the taxes. Please let us know if you have any further questions 
via ISSUE ME!"
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  • This is pretty much why it was changed - to kill "org" shops (of which there are an awful lot when you actually start counting them) and just generally shops that are actually owned by someone long dormant.  The idea is to cut down on "sweetheart" deals, increase turnover of actual ownership, and just make shops more available to those who actually want to own one.  My only beefs with it, are that they should just call it a lease, and set some sort of reasonable lease length, rather than continuing with any pretence of "ownership".  It's also just a very passive way of trying to get to the end goals.  Good luck finding the dude.  
  • They should have probably said 'Hey, we're going to do this in 1-2-3 real life months, so prepare for it now.' (sorry if they did that and I missed it), and then sent an email to everyone who has a shop as a warning.

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    Ask @Epiphany

    Her and Revelation used to be close. Dunno if they skype or FB or whatever, but they might.

    She might be dormant too, but she's prolly pretty connected to the Achaea circle.


  • Does that include emails being sent? Cause I have no way to email them, can IRE do that or is that what you were implying had been done?
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  • @Xith I believe the point is that the administration wants the shops in the hands of people who actively play the game. If the person doesn't log in to read the news, they are not part of that group.
  • I understand the point of it and I agree with the change, but given the cost of a shop it almost seems like something you'd bulk email every shop owner about 2 months in advance, plus the 2 months' grace afterward. Enough time to make arrangements like selling it or passing the shop to someone else.

    My biggest concern is really for him. No idea whether he'll ever be active again but it seems the financial loss should be offset since it's basically going to close down.
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  • What city is it in?

  • Deloss
    I like my steak like I like my Magic cards: mythic rare.
  • Time to get the gold ready to bid on it, I guess!

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Colorado Springs
    @Santar knows me pretty well. :3

    I had a few people get in touch with me over it, I've sent him an email and will get in touch with him when I see him online next via messenger. Hopefully he still logs onto MSN (I haven't myself in a very long to, so I'm not sure if he does or not). 

    Doing my best to alert him, though.
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