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[Mudlet] New echo, echoLink, and setFgColor functions

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edited October 2012 in Curing Systems and Scripts
I found myself in need of a set of functions that could be sent to either the main window or a separate window. The problem with the original functions is that "main" can't be used as a window name to send to the main window, so I would have had to redo my whole script with a bunch of conditionals just for the echos, echoLinks, and the setFgColors. Not wanting to do this and realizing that I could make my own functions, I made these and simply changed the function names in my script to the ones I made. 

The functions are on pastebin because I can't figure out how to use code tags here.

These go into a script and then can be used anywhere.

My site will remain up, but will not be maintained. The repository will continue to have scripts added to it if I decide to play another game. Maybe I'll see you around in Starmourn!
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