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    Being a butler for multiple people is a good route!


    One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important

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    hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae
  • Having self-sustaining roleplay is part of the draw of such an arrangement. I could have an occasional scene and then talk to others about how I've been so worn out from all the smithing/whittling/housecleaning, etc. It's best to make it easy on the employer, and allow a little bit of face time to go a long way. Expecting constant micromanagement is a surefire way to wear everyone out quickly. 
  • I would like to share some of the types of offers I have received, so others might be aware of the types of opportunities that exist and are open. I'll throw in my ideas, and yes some of them are very much tropes, but those can be fun when played by the right actor.

    -The con artist.
    Apprentice/servants: The promising young thug taken under the mastermind's wing. The sassy partner-in-training who tries to get one over on her boss and sometimes succeeds. The errand boy who isn't part of the game but runs messages for those who are.

    -The noble lord/lady. 
    Servant personalities: The humble cleaning servant who has only the kindest of words about his lord/lady.  The gossipy stable keep who barters her tales with visitors. The reluctant butler whose late master was, in his opinion, a much more refined gentleman than his current one. The caught thief who secretly works off a debt rather than be turned in to her city authorities.

    -The combat teacher. (Some of you have already experienced this as a squire to a knight)
    Apprentice personalities: The eager, but bumbling student willing to take no end of physical abuse in the arena in order to grow into an expert.  The young combat adept honing a latent skill and learning to respect the art. The ex wife biding her time while she seeks murderous vengeance on a cheating ex husband/wife.

    -The travelling performer.
    Apprentice/servants: The aspiring actress just waiting to be as famous as she deserves. The troublemaker stagehand who sometimes causes his employer's acting props to malfunction. The wise accountant who often reminds her master of the limitations of his bank balance.

    These are just a few of the endless ideas out there for those seeking a role like mine. As for the complementary role, you'd have to ask those who are more used to that side of the coin!
  • Well, the con artist part appeals to me. Feel free to hit me up in game later :)

  • Tristitia said:

    I thought about the benefit of joining a city or house, and I'm not at all interested in those dynamics. 
    One of the biggest benefits of joining a city and house (in theory for all parties) is entirely mechanical, but I don't think that detracts in any way from its importance.   And that is that being in cities and houses produces org credits whenever you make purchases (which is part of why I cringe when I see how hard orgs sometimes make it for people to join - they're probably denying themselves credits in a lot of cases).  Those credits don't just get plowed into credit sales (which are nice, but I tend to care less about), but also into nice mechanical buffs/features that everyone in the org (including your character) will in theory benefit from.   
    It is almost the entire reason Jules and my one other character have always been both citied and housed when I make credit purchases (especially bigger ones).  I just can't stand to see the opportunity go to waste (even when I've been slightly annoyed at some of the orgs).  
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    @Siduri -- I'm flattered that you would take a chance with the idea. I hope that eventually I will actually get to play a role in that. 

    I have received more offers than I could possibly entertain. I've chosen a promising avenue for Tristitia right now and so far it's playing out even better than I imagined. 

    I don't like the idea of closing the conversation with an announcement that I don't need any more offers, as I believe there is possibly a lot of depth and discussion still to be had on the topic itself. There might be more players who are curious about what could be gotten out of such an arrangement, and what key differences there may be between this and playing a member of a city/house/family/order population. There might also be some people who already know that they would enjoy this and might look to this thread for their own ideas and possibilities.

    Edit: To @Jules . I don't think this sort of dynamic precludes joining any city or house, and you make very good points.

  • +1 for Q.

  • Santar said:

    Part of it was probably the social class difference IG. 
    I'm not tracking on what you mean by "social class difference".  
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