Final Fantasy XIV

Noticed this game at the store and figured I'd give it a try. If there's anyone else who uses the North American servers and wants to party up and such, I have Amanu in the Ultros world. For those who may buy or are interested the game is cross platforms over PS3, PS4, and PC. So who plays and where do you reside?

I will also upload a few videos to my YouTube later on if there is any interest.


  • I've got a character on Mateus that I've been playing for some time now, I might consider a world transfer if there's a big enough group of people around here with interest in playing

  • I play on Faerie. Mostly a solo player, though. I don't like people.
  • I play on Faerie as well. Slowing down a bit now with early endgame stuff but the story quests have been a lot of fun.
  • AmanuAmanu Forge Tree
    There is new stuff coming out in June.

  • AktillumAktillum Philippines
    Goggo stopped playing Achaea because of FFXIV. Fuck FFXIV, taking my friends away from Achaea like that.

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    Achaea took me away from Runescape. Not many games can take me away from Achaea without knowing a few friends.

  • I just downloaded this yesterday! It's patching at the moment.

    I'll let you know when I'm good to go!
  • Considered renewing this so many times, idk though :(

  • Playing on Exodus. I really, really enjoy it.  Still half-heartedly grinding out the end-game story quests, but I'm kinda just biding time until Astrologian and Dark Knight come out; they're my lust-classes.
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  • I'm looking forward to Machinist with the expansion, was never a fan of archer/bard, so having another ranged physical dps option will be nice. 

  • Was hoping for a dark magic class soon. BLM is pretty disappointing despite wanting to like it when I first started. Rolling with Scholar now.
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    Mizik said:
    I just downloaded this yesterday! It's patching at the moment.

    I'll let you know when I'm good to go!


  • Hmm if there's enough of us I'll pick up a copy and join in been playing DFO lately with all its sprite goodness
  • Sorry. Got wrapped up in Heroes of the Storm.
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    Mizik said:
    Sorry. Got wrapped up in Heroes of the Storm.
    I need some Heroes of the Storm friends. Wanna game. 



  • Smash298#1277
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    Please don't derail. I'm using this so FFXIV players can find each other. Use some other discussion if you want to talk about other games.

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    Just found this recruit a friend thing on the game. Have to find someone who hasn't subscribed yet. <.<

  • I play on the official-unofficial RP server: Balmung. Bought it last year in Feb, been playing almost every day since.
    <3 Nanarou Garnin, ilvl 130 BLM and 118 SCH. That's my main, at least. Of course I have alts!
    I'll probably be shifting over to Starmourn, seeya there!
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    You can play more than one character so you can have alts.

  • I think he's referring to the fact that a single character can be every class, so alts are mostly unnecessary, outside of the aesthetic appeal of different races

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    And playing other worlds without the $18 transfer fee.

  • On Leviathan, as is @Illyose
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    Been a while. See if anything new is going on with the Faire going on.

  • Finally got talked into renewing. Didn't get heavensward yet though, since I started over, so don't need it yet.
    Marlboro server.

  • I tried this, cool game but wasn't really my thing. I have an unused 60 day time-card code bought from the US-region on Amazon if anyone wants it since I can't return it. I'd like to trade it for an Amazon giftcard or something, PM me if you're interested.

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  • Amanu said:
    Achaea took me away from Runescape.
    Achaea has better graphics than it. :tongue: 
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  • I have a tiny character on Midgardsormr that I should really get back to...

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