Magi vs X strengths and weaknesses

Which classes are Magi stronger against and weaker against?  How do you mitigate those wwakneases and accentuate your strengths?


  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    Since no one has touched this, and I am bored at work,  I will try to answer as shortly as possibly.  Others might expand a bit.

    Magi are weak against any class that can mitigate strong damage, evade(and similar skills), and any class that can afflict quicker than us in retardation(a ton).

    Magi are strong against all squishy classes, terrible curing priorities(salve mostly), people inexperienced inretardation(a lot of people), and momentum classes (hello Mr damage)
  • Can you give some examples of each group?  I imagine for the first serpent is in there as well as shaman.  What about the second group?
  • Magi are and always have been fairly strong against monks. But telepathy can be a problem if they leave the room.
    As long as they're prepped and hindered correctly the retardation thing should rarely be an issue.

    Outside retardation they have big damage potential, and the new fire damage combos I think can scale up to dragon-level mitigation and stuff. But I went dormant shortly after Artificing so can't say for sure whether most go for retardation or for damage combos.

    In terms of retardation, anyone with passive ents/effects is dangerous. But you may also outdamage them outside retardation. That being said, I believe certain Occultists will destroy you either way, biggest threat in my opinion. But I don't think anybody is good against an occultist, so...
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