I owe this community more then I can ever repay

Got talked out of a stupid decision by
@Saeva and @Melodie. Going to take a break from achaea until I get my ooc issues straightened out. No clue when that will be as I have no clue where to get the help I need.  
To those who had to deal with my frequent meltdowns I truly apologise.. I did not always used to be this way but it is an issue that has been getting progressively worse.

I still do not care what anyone says I know my RP was extremely sub par. So  sub par there is no one whose rp was worse than mine.

In mean time people who I found enjoyable are in no particular order (Most of you may be able to guess why I found you enjoyable. Some of you maybe not. Others I owe so much not just IC but due to the ooc support that I did not deserve, I was a horrid friend)


  • I'm sorry to hear you won't be around, but I wish you all the best. I hope whatever problems or issues you have you find a good way to tackle and overcome. I only spoke to your character briefly and just the once, but it was enough I was hoping to contact you again.
     Shimi finally had contact with at least one Mhaldorian and was hoping to strike up an acquaintance. 
    I hope you flourish and do well and wish you the best! <3
  • RuthRuth Singapore
    Hope to see you back in Achaea soon!
    "Mummy, I'm hungry, but there's no one to eat! :C"


  • get head sorted and come back soon

  • I hope to be back soon.. But I can not justify dragging my friends through the drama that I bring lately.  More than likely I will be back before I should be as I love the game and community far to much.  Just trying to stay awa long enough that I find a way to make my episodes become less frequent at least.

  • Logged in to let a few IG friends I do not think Forum know.  One suggested that instead of pulling out completly I just slow down and not try to do what I did when I first played back when I was more emotionally stable.  They might be right that I am simply trying to accomplish to much at once right now. A few others seemed to think this might work as well.

    A real life friend told me that while yes my meltdown have become more frequent he believes that Achaea has been a source that is preventing it from having gotten worse faster. 

    So I will be back but less often and prolly for awhile doing absolutely nothing while I figure out which goal I want to tackle first. I know for sure getting to at least HR5 is on the list. But its a matter of do I focus on ritualism or warrior stuff first.

  • Just take care of yourself! Promise? 

  • Oh I am still going to seek a head doctor... these past few weeks have made it all to clear I need to see one.

  • BluefBluef Delos
    edited April 2015
    We've known each other for a while now, @Makaela. You know I adore you. IC. IRL. All of it. I hope you get to feeling well. <3
  • Aye @Bluef. I forgot you have forum rights again. Was gonna explain to ya IG but this works too.  I  am going to dial my goals down a few pegs and see if that helps while seeing the ooc help I need.

  • Love ya, gurl. Take care of yourself, it's what matters.

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