Expert Diagnoser, Sawbones, Health Inspector, and major traits in general

I have no idea what these three do, they all seem pretty similar in that they let you see specific conditions and traits on enemies. But they're poorly described.
Can anyone tell me what they do specifically? Is Sawbones similar to the new Predict in Knight classes dual-wielding spec weapon-mastery? And what I should take? I've heard that 9/10 times though it's probably Expert Diagnoser but there's a load of complex probability stuff you're going to need to work out behind that.
I've heard before that @Sena is an expert on this.

I've got 30 levels until the next major trait too, but to go ahead and get that out of the way, what should I take there too? I already have nimble and cheap shot is looking interesting with BM's affinity with bleeding and parrying. If not I'm looking at the dodge trait to work with being a Raja and covering my lack of mounted ability. Failing that I'm probably going to default to either strength or crit-chance.

I asked a similar question a few months ago, but I never got a straight answer, and things have changed since then.

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  • NimNim
    edited April 2015
    Sawbones shows 0%, >0%, >36%, >60%, >80%, mending break, restoration break, and double restoration break.

    I haven't checked to see what it shows when you have damage and a mending break, though, so I'm not sure what the priority is. I've only seen mending breaks accidentally after restoration level breaks were cured.

    As far as I'm aware, it is > and not >=, but my models so far could also be wrong or otherwise based on assumptions that are not always true.

    I could grab the timing if you're interested. I never tested very thoroughly what might stop it, or how it affects restoring.
  • Sena said:
    I have a lot of information at, but some of it is outdated (particularly sawbones).
    What exactly is different about Sawbones? And is that ALL limbs that it checks at once?
    I see a lot of references to venoms in particular in the Expert Diagnoser page, so that in particular doesn't exactly apply to me, But I do know there's a good bit of afflictions I deal with striking, but none of them are directly related to finishing someone off like an Occultist. I'm still not to sure, I plan on PVPing since it seems like I'm going to be breaking legs, getting them prone, impaling them, and then, twisting and slashing until brokenstar, whichever one helps to that end better is probably best. But I might just grab diagnoser and learn to live with it, since there's not balance/equil cost.
    Does it affect our Alleviate like it affects the Tree tattoo?
  • It shows all of them, and a descriptor of each that describes it as per (based on testing) my last post. Eg. barely damaged is >0, while heavily damaged is >80%. It's also really effective for limb damage research, it generally doubles my tests' accuracy.
  • Jakarana said:
    What exactly is different about Sawbones?
    Mostly the thresholds, which Nim gave. I think the balance cost is higher now too.
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