Signature character banner help

I'm trying to set up my character banner into my signature, but no matter how I fiddle around with it, the banner gets replaced by a question mark upon a blue square. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong exactly.

What I'd been doing:
Click on the "</>" symbol and then copy out <img src='
large.jpg' /> from Bannercode. I can see the full image in my preview signature box, but then when I save it and I look at my post, the banner shows up with that question mark symbol instead.
I also tried using the url/img button, but that only seemed to create a link rather than pasting the image.

Could someone please kindly help me?


  • Hmm. Trying to load the image in the forum box just as a linked image doesn't work. Typing the image URL into the browser gets me the banner, but the bottom is a little cut off. Not sure why it's working. @Tecton and @Makarios should be able to help you out.
  • Hi! Try this -> Go to main site first ( then go to My Account -> Edit tab. Type the banner code in the signature settings then click enable rich-text just below it. The code will show the image. Then copy the picture and paste it in your forums signature tab.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • Wooaaah that worked like magic! Thanks Venser!

  • No prob! Glad I could help

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