Sleeping to the Top



  • This is an honestly strange thread raising a very strange question.

  • This would require a huge amount of OOC communication/understanding and everyone would need to be "in on it" - exactly because the OP really is talking about holding leadership positions, which... even those of us who aren't interested in holding them want to know we've got solid people managing things, and I get the impression that the people who DO want those positions sometimes almost commit Texas cheerleader mom crimes as it is. 
  • I heard you could sleep your way to the top of Caspian's order.  o:)
  • Let's not be coy about it and pretend this kind of thing already doesn't go on frequently in Achaea. Within City leadership. Within Houses. Within Orders. We have all heard about it. Seen logs. Thought how unoriginal some of the emotes were. Etc.

    Kudos to those who want to "mess around" with this controversial RP. It's not my cup of tea, but it is interesting. The idea of courtesan spies, who make use of pillow talk for instances. I'm watching House of Cards right now and well, if you've seen it you'll understand the connection to the clan name that would be perfect for this in Achaea: The Mutual Admiration Society (TMAS).
  • You got logs Bluef? Why you no share. I hardly ever see those kinda logs.
  • Speaking of Cyber, for the point of injecting a humorous aside comment.

    It makes me wonder if a Blademaster involved to such activities has resorted to Groin striking, either accidentally or intentionally.
    I've heard of some funny hiccups involving the Mudlet client in relation using aliases attached to a targeting system.
    Simply typing "groin" anywhere in a Tell could have you punching them in a rather unpleasant place and setting off defenses in their house.
    Then again, unpleasant could be subjective, since we kind of ARE masters of manipulating nerve clusters *wink* *wink*
  • Silas said:
    Halos said:
    Merchants are probably the one organization that could bring that sort of ...hmm..."roleplay"... any sort of legitimacy.
    I'd quite happily welcome prostitutes into the Luminai as part of the Mercator branch. Those bedroom secrets can be delicious.
    The thought of how interesting it could be for something like this to exist is making me wish that it wasn't mechanically unfeasible both from the happy note that you're targossian at all times as well as the general impossibility of actually learning much of anything that's useful.

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Actually, you'll be surprised at how little that counts when you're doing the textual tango.  It's more a matter of how much your city is willing to let you get away with and how many outlandish "I'm converting him" stories they're willing to believe. 

  • I love Inara from Firefly as much as anyone, epitome of the refined courtesan/spy and all that, but... I guess Blujixapug said it best, even though he was kidding around.  And then, the whole organization gets to deal with someone who really is in a position with "just enough power to be able to abuse it, with minimal unshirkable responsibility". 

    My whole gut reaction to this kind of RP (sexual/romantic relationships as a vehicle to obtain actual power) is that it's exactly the sort of thing that's fun to *think* about but would probably suck in practice unless... it were basically a big OOC joke and all of the players in the org understood that, and found the joke amusing - and the person in question just happened to be a great all around leader that everyone loved.  In that context, it still probably wouldn't be common, but it could be fun (and funny). 

    A certain segment of our players just have a soft spot for this kind of thing (RP that is fun to think about but is almost never going to work well in practice), even though it seems like they should know better.  And it's almost a bad thing when it *does* work out decently once or twice in the entire history of the game, because then we spend the next 5 centuries using that tiny number of examples as justification for why it's "perfectly viable".  But like... anytime someone tries to do something relatively simple like RP a troll accent, we're incredibly hard on them (including me, I'll be honest) and don't allow them much room to get better (i.e. we tend to expect them to arrive on the scene like Gnaash).  Why are we like this?  I'm not sure.     

    As for what Nim said, this is true.  That probably has a lot to do with the calcification of this game (but not only that).  The only org I know of for sure that's definitely bucked this trend for sure is Outriders - and they also make sure that power abuse is kept to an absolute minimum.  I'd like to hope there are others, although unless the problems are absolutely awful, people generally aren't going to discuss it here. 

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