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Okay, so as a Jester, your main attack will be Bop. After a bit of research, like only a little bit, I found that Bop gets more damage as you spend more lessons in Pranks..... I think. I'm not entirely sure. Like, at all, heh. Does STR. come into play with Bop, ornah? And does the efficiency with Tarot cards, like High Priestess, depend on Int., or is it possibly like Bop, where the higher the skill, the better it is?

So, if it does depend on skill level, then would Dex. have anything to do with like, the flips and stuff of that nature? If not, then I would go with a Con. max if stats don't come into TOO much with Jesters like an Int. maxed Magi or Str. maxed Monk.

Edit: By efficieny with Tarot cards, I mean like the High Priestess heals you more or Magician gives more mana.


  • Hi there.

    Priestess is a fixed % heal value for you  (think it's something silly like 20%) Bop does scale with strength though it is negligible, and I would always recommend going Con.

    Only time I would say go dex spec is if you are artied out for health level 90+ and intent on pure PVP (it stacks with jesters other abilities to make them almost immune to monks and such).

    Otherwise your best bet is con to hunt and for general PVP if that's what you want to try out.

  • Strength for bop isn't negligible, it's pretty much the same bonus as nearly every other str/int-modified attack. So for hunting, strength is as important for jesters as it is for other str classes.

    Bop does scale with pranks, I think every main hunting attack for every class increases with skill level now.

    Dex doesn't directly modify any of your abilities, all it does for a jester is increase your dodge chance.
  • As a Shaman, I have the same consideration over getting INT or CONS. INT for bashing while CONS to stay alive on combat.

    In the end of the day, it's more enjoyable going with Cons, since it helps both bashing and combat, and my ability to survive through combat improves significantly with cons spec.

    If you are asking damage (STR for Jester, or in the case of Shaman INT) or cons, and you have to choose one of them, go with cons first. It is also cheaper.
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