Retirement sale.

Forgive me if i'm posting this in the wrong sub forum, but I'm retiring Vaxarn from Achaea. I've got personal things going on in my life and i won't have enough time to be around as i'd like. That being said, i've got a few things that i'd like to sell off and possibly regain some of my investment on. Seeing as how i'm retiring and not returning to Achaea, i'll be selling these things for real money rather than in game credits. Below you'll find a list of my items and their prices. Cheers.

A Thalassian Seastrider:
Price: $250
Crewmates  Able IX
Shipmates   Seasoned III
Crew Morale: Content (38701)
Crew Endurance: 59880
Equipment includes a Bait tank, Large cartographers desk, Diving Bell, Salvage Crane, Sextant, Figurehead, Beacon of Iocolas, Cabin boy, and all three weapons (one of each).
Currently holds a trade deal for a mayan crown.
Cargo: 2 Armaments, 1 tea, and 1 wool.
((IF tradeable the ship will also come with two rooms. One room includes a bookshelf with some pretty sensitive information))

Out of subdivision Plot:
Location: Harae (South east-ish of Mhaldor Isle)
Room Name: "Mountain peak overlooking a valley."
Room ID: 24439.
Price: $300

Used clan with no news posts:
Price: $100

((Clan comes with approximately 40 help files on essentially everything you'll ever need for combat and other stuff. Such as ship trades, sailing, ship combat, etc.))

If this is something that interests you, please feel free to send me a private message, we'll work out price negotiations and see what we can't agree upon.

Cheers, and it's been fun with you all.


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    You won't be able to transfer the added rooms with the ship, as a notice. They're bound to you so will disappear if the ship is transferred to someone else.

  • Noted, thank you @Kresslack.
  • Plot sold, only things left are the ship and the clan. Message me with details.
  • I'm not trying to harsh on your thread, because most of what you're offering seem like good deals for those interested, but...

    A clan costs 500k gold new. That's 83 credits. Which at 30 cents a credit is about 25 dollars. Dollar value is obviously worth more than credit value, and used clans aren't worth the price of new clans. 

    I'd conservatively estimate that you've overpriced your clan by about 15-20x the actual market value.


  • Ah, well then i'll take that back. $25 for the clan then. I'm really just trying to liquidate some of my things so i can get some money back. Running into some hard times personally, so i'm trying to do all i can to stay afloat right now. Thanks @Santar for the info.
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    No. This is flat-out against our Terms of Service and after seeing this, if any of these things are now transferred to another character, we'll be deleting them. Do not give this person your money.
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