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I am trying to setup a queuing system, that queues up commands for offense system. I have a latency of 250-300 and queuing every command is a must have. Now I do not not exactly what way to choose in order to set this up, so if anyone has a pointers I am all ears.

One idea I have is tracking every balance/equilibrium action I use. store it as a timer. and before it's timer expires firing accommodated actions. Ex:

I used a slice/smash combo. I need 2.1 second to gain balance. system records this.

I give command to system next action to be rend/drive.

I change mind and hit shield.

0.5 seconds before I regain balance (1.6 seconds from original slice/smash) to send in command for queuing on balance regain..

What is best option to create those timers, and if this is wrong way to approach it, what would be a better option. 


  • Use  serverside! HELP QUEUE
  • I want to use it for serverside, just client side part to make queuing smooth, and to let me change commands at will.
  • What I do is have the system track what's in the queue, so it can easily remove/replace the right commands. No need to mess with timers or anything.

    So you use slice/smash, and right away queue rend/drive for your next balance. But before it goes through you decide to shield. You just use an alias/macro that replaces the combo (it knows the number to use because you track what's in the queue) with shield.

    You could also just add shield to the beginning of the queue so the combo won't go through, but that will only work if autoqueueing is off and there are no important pre-balance commands in the queue (like stand).
  • hmm, yes. That sounds fine for me, Sena.

    Now another question is, how to integrate svo in queu, svo sends balance requiring actions after balance regain, that can cause problem of not using any such action for a prolonged amount of time while queuing up my offense. ie: I am queuing attacks, svo needs to refill pipes, touch cloak, stand (i use hellsight/arc) etc..
  • The way I use it is, l generally just send commands normally with QUEUEING on. However my aliases and keybinds clears the queue every time before sending the new command. Thay way Im techinically only ever queueing one command. (Seeing as im only using it for latency purposes)

    I use Wunder not svo but it appears to be working fine so far.

    The only issue im having atm is that after the recent change to the way the queueing works, I havent figured out how to send both and Eq and Bal command to both fire at the same time. Used to work before as itd try do EVERYTHING in the queue. 
  • Wundersys was built specifically for server side curing, though, so it also uses server side queueing for doing things on balance.

    Svo waits until it gets a prompt saying you've regained balance to send the commands, which is a lot slower and gets delayed massively by using server side queueing for attacks and other actions.

    @Avto: For prone specifically, just queue stand before every set of actions. That way you'll stand if you can and need to before using balance.
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